Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Little Update

Monday I had my interview. It is nice to have my first "real job" interview under my belt. It took me over two hours to drive to De Forest, WI. I left my apartment at about 8:15 in the morning. My parents let me borrow their GPS Navigation device, which was awesome. However, it took me on a bit of a scenic route through downtown Madison. As if I wasn't nervous enough, I hit a couple of closed roads and took a couple of wrong turns. I still made it there with 40 minutes to spare. I first interviewed with two gentlemen, then I took a 20 minute test to see if I could recreate 4 logos using Adobe Illustrator, then I got a tour of the printshop, and finally I interviewed with one more guy. They didn't ask me many questions about myself, they mostly explained procedures. I think it went fairly well, but who knows really. They will call me later this week or early next week to tell me whether or not I was chosen for the job. I think the job sounds like something I would definately like. Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm...occasionally the expect longer hours. Basically I would be sitting on a computer all day creating 30-40 t-shirt logos a day and working with four different customer service reps and handling mostly the same customers (mostly schools) all the time. The people seemed very nice to work with as well. I did not ask about wages or benefits or anything because I didn't feel comfortable asking that during an interview, so I guess if they call me with good news I will ask at that point. I haven't been able to send my resume anywhere since last week because I haven't found any jobs worth applying for. This is a little scary to me because I really don't think I can afford to just transfer to Shopko in Madison. However, it would be okay temporarily because at least I would have a place to live and be in the area for future interviews.

Monday night I called into work because I was exhausted from driving and from being so stressed all day, and also I had a major headache with still lingers today...two days later. It is quite annoying. Yesterday at work I had to lift a microwave to a shelf above my head and I am feeling the consequences this morning. My body HURTS. And tonight the manager who expects me to work like a bull is closing. No relief for my poor, unfortunate shoulders there.

Next Thursday we were going to go to Great America, but we moved it to exactly one week later because the Dark Knight roller coaster will be open at that point and neither of us will be starting a new job yet. So, next week should be a reasonably good week because I have this Saturday and Sunday off, next Thursday off, and Saturday-Sunday off again next weekend. This weekend I am probably going to spend at home with the family and Sunday maybe seeing the grandmothers for Mother's Day. Ian has an interview on Sunday, so I probably wouldn't get to see him much anyway. Thursday....who knows. Maybe we will be setting up appointments to look at apartments? That is if one of us has a job at that point...which is probably a 50-50 chance. Next Saturday is my Dad's 50th bday party. I am going to spend the day helping my mom set up the garage. Then, that Sunday, I am not sure what I will be doing but it will be great because I will not be working.

That's pretty much a recap and a pre-cap of my life right now I guess. I can't think of anything else to add, so adios!

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