Sunday, February 2, 2014

January 2014!

Hi there! As promised, here is a monthly update from the world of Cheryl:

-I took Lots of pictures of my love cats (and here are a couple):

-I have been suffering in unbelievably cold temps all month & there has been loads of snow. I am so sick of winter :'(

-I drank a margarita as big as my hand

-I started counting calories again - for real. Also been working out regularly again. I've been using EA Sports Active 2 (I LOVE THIS GAME) and Zumba (I have a dvd box set and also using the game Zumba Core). And I've been cooking and trying new things a lot more frequently! I will post recipes of some of my new favorites in the future :)

-I attended a pirate themed, combined birthday party for my nephews. :)

-I got piercings #6 and #7. These images are mirrored FYI.

-I started my bed quilt/duvet cover finally. I'm not even close to being done - still in the process of cutting out pieces. This will be a long project.


-I was sick for a week. It was the worst. Just a really bad cold I think, but I felt like poo.

-I tried a detox bath for the first time. It wasn't bad. Here's the detox bath recipe I used.

-I lightened my ombre highlights a bit more. I think I will do full ombre when the weather gets warmer. Love it!

-I've been trying harder and harder not to use/eat products in which animals have been harmed to create. It makes me very angry and sad that people think they are > than animals. We are not.

-I tried a hot coconut oil hair treatment. My hair is really soft, but honestly I thought it stunk. Next time I might add some essential oils. Here's a how-to similar to what I did. I heated my oil in a mug in some boiling water instead of in my hands, though.

Movies I saw in January:
Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom 
Inside Llewyn Davis 

The Wolf of Wall Street 
American Hustle 
The Square 
Call Me Kuchu 
The Act of Killing (I've seen the longer version, first time viewing shorter version) 
12 Years a Slave 

If anyone reads this, I hope you are well and I will see you next month for my February post! It's likely I will post a few recipes before then, so look out for that. ;)

Thursday, January 2, 2014

I'm Bad At Regular Updates (Happy 2014!)

Hi - obviously I am bad at keeping up with daily updates. Maybe I should set a more realistic monthly updates.

Some things of note from December:

I got my cartilage pierced:

I went to an Arctic Monkeys concert in Milwaukee. Super fun! I really like that band.

I tried a new restaurant in Madison - Pizza Brutta. It was tasty. 

I got a sweet hand-drawn-by-the-band Pizza Underground -tshirt for Ian for xmas!! I thought it was a super cool gift. :) I got tons of nice gifts and money for xmas - I will admit that I am very spoiled. :)

I got to see everyone in my fam and Ian's fam for xmas. It was nice to spread the parties out so I could attend all of them. :)

I got a new tattoo! It's the pisces symbol done by my bro-in-law Russ. Foot tattoos hurt-BAD! I also colored in one of his tattoos - my first tattooing experience. It was hard!

Happy New Year! I rang in the new year with my husband, my sis-in-law, her hubs, and my nephew. We played Mario Party and drank mimosas all night. :) Unfortunately there was a big snow storm during the afternoon & evening, so my drive home from work and the drive to their house was pretty miserable! BUT the night turned out fun regardless!

It was a very cold and snowy December here in south-central Wisconsin! It has been in single digits/negative degrees most of the month (or so it feels like) and it's been snowing a lot. :( I hope spring comes soon!

Some movies I saw this past month for the first time (may add more after posting if I am forgetting anything):
  • The Pianist
  • Nebraska
  • The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
  • The Manchurian Candidate
  • Death to Smoochy

Happy New Year! Here's to everyone having a happy, safe, & fun 2014!