Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday Morning.

I don't have to work today! Hooray! Thursday I went in at 2pm and worked until 7pm. Friday I went in at 7am and worked until a little after 5pm. I brought about three orders home with me to work on this weekend, otherwise I'm caught up. Pretty crazy, right? I'm glad because working today would have been extremely crappy. I may end up bringing some things home with me next week just to be sure that I am ahead of schedule when we come back from Thanksgiving because that first week back I have Thursday off (yay vacation time).

Today I have several things I want to get done: get my hair cut, dye my hair, go Christmas shopping, and start cleaning. Tomorrow I want to finish cleaning and relax. At some point I also need to do laundry and get some groceries.

I have some pictures from the Packers game I went to last Sunday, and I will post them soon but for now I'm too lazy. I do, however, have a link that I will make available: CLICK HERE!

That is all.

OH, by the way, I have been having these crazy dreams about aliens lately!! It usually happens when I fall asleep with instrumental David Bowie playing in the background. Weird? Yes.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


This has been one WEIRD week!! Tuesday morning I got to work, and the computer system was down. It's now Thursday morning and it is STILL down. I haven't been physically at work for the last couple of days. I have been trying to do as much work as I can (which is VERY limited because I don't have any logos and am missing some fonts on my home computer) and otherwise sitting by my phone waiting for them to call me. Well, they still haven't called with the *good* news, and I'm getting worried. I've already been asked to work early and late today and tomorrow and also on Saturday because of this whole fiasco, but that really isn't very fair since I have been doing nothing enjoyable for fear of being called into work immediately once I start something. I did, however, run into Madison for a couple of hours yesterday to eat lunch and spend some time with Ian's mom, sister, and nephew. That was fun. I am not really complaining because I understand work hasn't been done these last couple of days and we need to get back up to pace with everything, but then again I really don't want to work late tonight and tomorrow. Saturday I am really only going to be able to work a couple of hours in the morning. I still need to go grocery shopping this week and I will need sometime this weekend to get my chores done. This was the weekend I was planning on getting a majority of my Christmas shopping done. Will I even have time for that? Ughhhh what a mess. I don't even want to THINK about the big "what if" concerning whether or not any of our files will still be accessible once the system is fixed. All of this the week before Thanksgiving and during the busiest time of the year. WHAT A WEEK. I am freaking out because I was on pace to be ahead basically now through Christmas (more or less depending on what was to be dumped on me between now and then) and now I am afraid of how behind I might be. 

I can't think about that right now though because it is stressing me out. I keep thinking that I should get my grocery shopping done or get some cleaning done, but I don't want to get everything out just to be called into work. I also can't really cook anything or do anything that involves getting a bunch of stuff out. Yesterday I tried crocheting for a bit, but I am not sure I can concentrate on that right now. I might try drawing? I have been trying to rekindle that talent and remember how to draw. I haven't really drawn anything in at least a couple of years and that makes me sad.

I guess I should get back to....waiting. I really hate this. :(

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hand in hand is the only way to land.

Things are going well. Last Tuesday, for the first time, I voted for president. And I actually voted for who I thought was the best candidate which made me feel spectacular. I really wish Ralph Nader would have won, but I feel good that I got to support him with my vote. I guess things could be a lot worse.....such as if McCain won....but I don't know, Obama has to be better than Bush. I am not certain about what these next four years will bring, but I'm hopeful.

Last weekend, we had a big family shopping outting. 11 of my aunts and cousins and my grandma and myself roamed around Madison, shopping to our hearts' desires. I had lots of fun and wish I could do things like that more often! 

Magick is doing very well. She fits right in. Her and Spirit have become good friends. They cuddle and clean each other and play and have fun. I love them both very much and they are so darn cute. 

Work isn't even too bad lately. Not that it's become less busy, but I've been more relaxed for some reason. I've been working really hard while I'm there, and then leaving everything there instead of bringing stress and anxiety home with me. I don't know how long this will last, but it's nice right now. I also have several vacation days coming up in December. And did I mention holidays? That's right...I'm excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

Somehow, Ian and I managed to get our hands on Packers tickets for this weekend against the Bears. His aunt had them and couldn't go, so she sold them to us for a very reasonable price. I'm looking forward to that day! Actually, I'm looking forward to that whole weekend. Friday=relax, Saturday=relax, Sunday=Packers game. Can't wait.

Okay, I am rambling on because it's late and I need sleep. My cats are slowly making their way towards bed so hopefully we can all three go to sleep at the same time tonight. :)

Monday, November 3, 2008


This past weekend was pretty eventful!

Friday was Halloween! Work was great that day! First of all, it was treat day. We also ate lunch at a sushi place! It was AMAZING. There were five of us and it really was a fun time. That afternoon, the power went out at about 3:30. We all left at 4:00 because it wouldn't come back on. It was a nice Halloween surprise. :) That evening, we got ready and headed to Portage to go trick-or-treating with Ian's nephews.

Kaeden was a little cow!

And Kail was Superman! We met up at Ian's aunt & uncle's house. We walked around for awhile as a group, and then Ian's sisters, brother-in-law, and baby nephew went back to the house. Kail and Ian were SPRINTING from house to house trying to get as much candy as possible in the last 45 minutes of trick-or-treating. If you scroll back up to the top picture in this post, you can see that I was not wearing appropriate shoes to be sprinting around town. Next year I will have to consider this. Ian wants to dress up as Hunter S. Thompson next year for Halloween and go trick-or-treating again. I don't know what I will dress up as. After trick-or-treating, we drove to Ian's mom's house and watched Sweeney Todd and ate pizza. It was definately a fun night.

On Saturday, we woke up and drove back to Portage to the animal shelter. We adopted the first kitten we saw because she was so darling and sweet. She crawled under my chin and started purring really loudly and I knew she was the one. We named her Magick because she's black and orange and mysterious. She spent most of her first day here hiding under things and behind the couch and under the bed. Slowly, she has begun the process of "opening up". Spirit was very mad at us when we brought Magick home. She's been reluctantly forgiving us, though. Today, they have been playing with each other (only when we are "not looking" of course) and the kitten is not hiding as much. She's running around the apartment and actually being a little naughty. I don't blame her though because she IS a kitten and seems to be adjusting to her body and claws (I am assuming she just recently had a growth spurt). She's only six months old and we are not really sure of her background. She apparently likes to eat houseplants, claw the furniture, and leap onto lamps causing them to crash to the ground. I don't want to discipline her too much because she is just getting settled in, but I am going to have to soon otherwise the apartment will be totally destroyed.

The two cats are like my children. I just want to sit at home and play with them every second. Too bad it's only Monday and I have a very busy week ahead of me. :(