Thursday, May 29, 2008


Yesterday I skipped my last day of work. I have a million excuses as to why I did it, but I'm not going to go into detail because I HATE people who have excuses for everything. :P

On my last night of work (Tuesday night, technically), my former supervisor and the customer service supervisor took me out for a drink. I had the best margarita ever. We chatted for a bit. I'm going to miss a lot of my coworkers, but thank goodness for internet social networking because otherwise I wouldn't keep in touch with anyone. I did not call into work yesterday (I really probably should have), and they didn't call me when I didn't show up because I figured someone spilled the beans to them. Oh well.

I spent the whole day yesterday packing. My sister came out in the morning and helped a lot. It seems that we have most of our little stuff packed up in totes (16 totes to be exact!!) and just have a couple more closets to go through and we still have to pack up our electronic media. I think it would look like we had more accomplished if we could move some of the big stuff out, but we are only going to be able to take 2 car loads up with us tomorrow when we sign the lease, and majority of backseat and trunk room is going to be taken up by clothes. We are going to rent a u-haul for Sunday, if all goes as planned. We are signed up for one here in Dubuque, but I think Ian is calling around to see if we can get a hold of the bigger one. After Sunday, we hope to have everything that we want to take up taken up. I will need to make a final trip to Dubuque one of these next couple of weekends to run the vacuum and scrub the floors one final time. Also, I'm hoping my parents will bring the truck in when I'm back and take home a couple of big items that I don't really see myself having the room for. This Saturday is Ian's sister Sara's baby shower. After that I think we are going to go look at some furniture at his mom's place. She said she has a lot extra because they are moving soon and wants us to take what we want. Free furniture, can't complain!!

I didn't go anywhere yesterday. It was nice to stay home and get things done. I'm really glad I didn't go into work because there would have been problems there and I wouldn't of had the day to kind of putz around and pack. I went to bed at 9:00 last night and woke up at 5 this morning. I must be getting old. I guess that schedule is not horrible, though. Now, instead of worrying about not waking up on time, maybe I will be worrying about waking up too early and being bored. I think that's going to be the case today. Ian won't be waking up until noon I'm sure, so I have about 6 hours to sit here and do nothing.

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