Saturday, August 30, 2008


I love three-day weekends. 

Today we visited Ian's nephew Kaeden!! He is so adorable. He's like a little peanut & makes the cutest faces. We took Spirit with us and she did not like it much. She meowed and whined a lot during the car ride and was really prissy towards Ian's sister's cat once we got there. She hissed and growled at him a lot. She was sure glad when we finally got home!

Ian and I watched Silence of the Lambs tonight. I'm not big into horror films, but it was pretty good. EXCEPT Ian works tonight so  I will be left here alone to worry about Buffalo Bill coming to cut off my skin. I don't even think Spirit will protect me because she still seems a little ticked about the outing today.

Tomorrow I am going to clean & do laundry early in the day and then spend the remainder of the day sitting around being lazy. I should hit the grocery store at some point to pick up some fresh foods, but I have enough pantry items to get me by. Actually, I think I have some chicken breasts in the freezer. Maybe I will throw them in the crock pot tomorrow...sounds like an easy, good-tasting dinner to me! 

Well, I am going to find something to do. I'd hate for my Saturday of fun to be over at 7:30pm....

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Psycho Killer.

This week is DRAGGING ON FOREVER. I am more busy this week at work than I've probably been all summer combined. But I'm still getting my work done, which I am very proud of myself for doing! Tomorrow is my last half-day-Friday. The special hours were a special summer thing, and summer is over. Next week is the start of mandatory overtime...10 hour work days. As I understand it, this will last until the company decides to hire another artist, which could be as soon as 2-3 months from now! I hope that this overtime does not last THAT long. I do not mind doing a little overtime, but I am on salary and do not get paid for it...and quite frankly three months of fifty hour work weeks is a little more than I think I can (or want to) handle! Good news, though, is that we are able to do our overtime at home. 

Next week, Ian and I are going to try to purchase some tickets to the David Byrne show in Chicago on Oct. 26th! I'm going to use some vacation time and extend that weekend by a couple of days. I'm looking into getting a jacuzzi suite at a hotel near Milwaukee for that Saturday night so that we can hit some museums and Lake Michigan on Saturday/Sunday (and also relax in that jacuzzi Saturday night, obviously). Then, we can drive down to Chicago Sunday evening and see David Byrne. I don't actually want to spend a lot of time in Chicago because frankly I don't really like that city. So, after the concert we are going to drive part-way back towards home and stay at a hotel Sunday night, then continue our journey Monday morning. I am pretty excited. At least it is something to look forward to in the long stretch of no days off between Labor Day and Thanksgiving. IF we can get the tickets, that is.

I have an optometrist appointment in exactly two weeks. I decided I should probably make one seeing as I am out of new contacts. My health insurance covers the exam and I get a discount on glasses, so that is a good thing. I should probably set up a dentist appointment soon as well because it's been awhile and those appointments are also covered.

I finally "finished" (it will never truly be "finished") decorating my apartment. It at least looks finished. I also spent an insane amount of money at Gordman's last weekend on holiday decorations. I can't wait to start decorating for fall! :)

Last night I slept for about 9 hours, so tonight I am not quite as tired as I have been as of late. I should probably think about going to bed soon, though, or tomorrow will be horrible. Although, my customer service rep is on vacation or something like that, so in theory I should not be as busy as normal. In theory........

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ho Hum.

This weekend was most eventful. Friday, after work, Ian and I took off for Cascade. We went out to eat with my family and spent the night chatting it up. Early to bed that night, and early to rise the next morning for me. Saturday was my cousin's wedding. It was a beautiful wedding and I got to see a lot of my family. It's making me daydream about my own wedding someday :). That is, if I ever get a wedding. We left pretty early that night so that we could drive back to Wisconsin. 

I went to bed fairly early last night and woke up at a reasonable time this morning. However, I haven't gotten anything done yet today. I've been downloading free fonts all morning. :)

We are going to Madison this morning because I want to do some shopping for Halloween decorations and such. Today I need to clean and get some laundry done as well. Otherwise....RELAXATION. 

When I was home, my mom showed me an article in the local newspaper. I guess next year is the town's 175th anniversary and they are having a contest to design a logo for it. Well, I'm going to submit an entry. I have a few ideas and I'm excited to create things.

I think we are leaving now, HOORAY!

Sunday, August 17, 2008


This past week has been mostly uneventful. 

My couch finally came. I love it and have been sitting on it pretty much every second I've been home. It's comfy and I can stretch out on it without any limbs dangling off the edge. Spirit doesn't seem to care about it, but I did catch her sleeping on the back of it a couple of times.

I tried putting up some more of my decorations around the apartment, but I'm so lazy. I'd rather spend my free time laying around and playing on my macbook. It's sad, really. But, my living room is pretty much fully decorated (minus a few items that I haven't purchased yet), and I guess that's the most important since that's the only room anyone ever sees. Not that we have many guests...

I also got CS3 from work, so I'm pretty ecstatic about that. So far, I am nearly finished illustrating a logo. I wanted to create a fake mascot, so I drew my cat. 
It's taking a long time, though, because of all of her stripes. I'm also trying to set up a new design on my blog....and I kind of lost a few of my widgets in the process. I will put them back once the layout is finished and I won't have to worry about them disappearing again. Here's a sneak peak at my illustrations (not finished of course).

I want to do some prints on clothing, but I am unsure of whether or not I will go through my work. I can't get a discount unless I order 12 items (I think) and I don't want that many items. I know there are websites that will do prints, but I will have to research prices. 

Today is Sunday, which sucks because I have to work tomorrow, but I'm going to try to enjoy it. I need to go shopping today to buy some pants and I also need to return a couple of things. I might try to look again for some jewelry for the wedding next weekend. I want purple things, but haven't had much luck finding anything. I guess it's almost noon, so should probably go get ready since we are leaving in about an hour.

Thursday, August 7, 2008



This week has been very hectic!

So far, I've managed to experience every technical screw up known to man at work! The computer flipped out on me, the printer flipped out on me....I think I have the opposite-Midas touch, you know?

My car was showing me this really weird warning light that said something something BRAKES. So, I thought that might be important. Ian's dad took it to his mechanic and apparently the rear brakes were increadibly damaged (not sure how that happened) and leaking fluid. We drove all the way to Cambria tonight to find out that he still wasn't finished fixing it. Oh well, at least we got to listen to crappy oldies music along the way since we forgot to bring CDs!

Tuesday night we bought a couch! How random...I know! Right now we have a love seat in the living room and it's just not big enough!! The new couch is brand new and from Slumberland. It's soft and huge. I can't wait to get lost in it! They will be delivering it next Wednesday.

I guess I basically just wanted to update tonight because...well...I am bored.

Surprisingly, even though I've had a lot of technical difficulties...I'm pretty much caught up at work. That may not last long though because it seems as though I'm ALWAYS on the verge of being swamped.

Also, this week I've rekindled my fondness for Andy Kaufman! If you have never seen or heard of him.....go to youtube right now and search for his videos! He is probably the best comedian ever. He is incredibly funny in a weird sort of way. I can't help but laugh everytime he does a skit!

Okay, that is all for now! I have nothing planned for this weekend so I'm looking forward to relaxing for once. Wish me luck with that. :)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ahh..Being Lazy is Great.

Today is Sunday. Sunday mornings are great because they are always so lazy. I get up, go to church, come home, and have a couple of hours left to do what I want (or what I need to get done). Ian wakes up in the middle of the afternoon and we either sit around the apartment and relex, or go to Madison and walk around some store or museum. I love Sundays.

Today I cleaned my apartment and my car. I also started up a new account at Picasa so that I can upload my photos to a website that my family can view. Right now I'm watching the Brewers (who are losing sadly), contemplating what I want to make to eat, procrastinating about starting laundry, and waiting for Ian to wake up.

Yesterday was great. We woke up and drove to Milwaukee to hit the zoo. It costs a lot of money to go to that zoo! Completely worth it, though. We saw some awesome animals up close. I got great pictures, too. I stuck a slideshow of my zoo album in my right navigation bar, so feel free to take a look. :)

We tried to stop at Slumberland on the way back to check out some couches (we are going to buy our first couch!), but they close early on Saturdays. I guess we will be looking on their website for now, and when we feel ambitious we will try hitting the store again. I'm so excited to have a big, full-sized couch in our living room for me to sprawl out on. This love seat just isn't doing it.

This morning Ian woke me up with flowers. :) It was really nice of him and they are really pretty. 

Well, I'd better get back to being lazy. :)