Friday, May 16, 2008

I hate being responsible.

If I was not a responsible person, I would not have given my two weeks notice at Shopko. Honestly, this time I have left here could be put to so much better use. It will be nice to have the extra money, but it's not really THAT much money I would be missing out on. Even if I could only have a couple of extra days. I'm starting to get worried about finding an apartment. It is going to be difficult!! I would just not show up like so many others seem to do, but I'm too kind for that. I actually like my supervisors and most of my managers and don't want to make their nights difficult. Even if I could just call in a couple of days during my last week. You see, Ian is using his vacation all week that week and we could spend it in Wisconsin looking at apartments, but I'm only going to be available Sunday, Friday, and Saturday that week. I have my doubts that many places will show apartments on the weekends, but really, why wouldn't they? It's when most people are not working. Anyway, I'm probably just complaining because I don't feel like going to work today and I wish I could just say "Screw it" and all of the sudden become irresponsible.

Yesterday I had a great time shopping with my sister. It was nice because she could actually be in the dressing rooms and tell me if things looked good, unlike Ian who just wanders around while I shop. We ate at Panara Bread for a late lunch (YUM). At 3, I met with Doris and Sherri at Perkins and I had a slice of wildberry pie. We chatted and then went around town and browsed all of the places that sell flowers. Someday I will be able to plant flowers, but probably not soon. Unless I can find a place with a patio or a porch!!

This sucks...I want to go get organized and spend some time with my friends before I leave, but I'm stuck working basically every night until I "move". If I weren't so nice, this would all be a lot easier.

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