About Me...

Hello and welcome to my blog (and online hub!)

My name is Cheryl and I am 26 years old. I am currently living in a suburb of Madison, WI with my husband, Ian:

And our two cats:

Magick (on the left), who is a tortoise-shell beauty. She's sweet and friendly, but gets frightened quite easily and it takes awhile for her to warm up to you. Spirit (on the right) is my fluffy kitty with attitude. She is very loving and will snuggle (but will NOT sit on your lap unless it is on her terms!). She's very friendly, but can be very hot-headed also! I love my cats and they are both unique and great. 

I have a degree in graphic design, and until February 2011, worked as a production artist at a t-shirt screenprinting company. I wasn't satisfied with the job and it was stressful a lot of the time, so I am not upset about being laid off. Shortly after that happened, I decided to go back to school and get a coding specialist certificate! I'm currently working as a clinic assistant at a mental health day treatment hospital and have a variety of duties.

Some of my hobbies include sewing, cooking, baking, reading, watching movies, social networking, web design, the Internet in general, videogames, spending time with Ian, spending time with family and close friends, and crafting. 

This is basically my online home. I post DIY projects, recipes, and tutorials, daily life happenings, weight loss updates, picture and video blogs. 

As you can see in the sidebar, I am part of many websites. Please feel free to take a moment and look around at all of my different "online homes". It will be like taking a step into my world! 

I hope you enjoy my blog and please come back soon!!

Thanks for stopping by!