Friday, May 9, 2008

Closing in on a new chapter of my life.

Right now, I am very much in limbo. These last few months I have done nothing to advance myself in life, but have instead sat and waited for this summer to come. My lease on my apartment is up at the end of June. I am going to move to the Madison area whether or not I have attained another job. Right now, I am in the middle of a long interview process. The prospective company has interviewed me, tested me to see if I could do the job, and given me a tour of the workplace. They have called several of my references. Now, they are going to have a phone conference with me on Monday morning. I found out through one of my references that they have it narrowed down to two people: me and another candidate. I think the job sounds amazing and like something I would enjoy doing. Even if I am not chosen for the job, I am happy to have had the experience. I now can feel confidant that I have my first real interview for a graphic design position over and that I have done well by making it to the final two. However, I cannot say that I wouldn't be disappointed because the job would be great and is located somewhere that I would like to live.

Ian has an interview for a management position on Sunday. He is unsure of whether or not the job would be right for him because he believes they may want to relocate him, which is not an option. If there is no relocation, I think the job sounds like something he could do well at. It would, at the very least, be good experience. I am excited for us both because this next week is pretty crucial in our lives.

I have been fairly reflective on my life lately. I think I have been going through a big change. I know I have grown up a lot in these past few years, and I feel that I'm continuing to grow everyday. I'm realizing what values and morals are important to me and I'm also becoming more comfortable in my own skin. It is a great feeling.

I found a quote I like on (of all places) facebook. I think that I will try to live up to this saying because I don't want to take anything for granted and I want to enjoy life as much as possible.

Life is too short to be anything but happy; so kiss slowly, love deeply, forgive quickly, take chances, and never have regrets. Forget the past, but remember what it taught you.

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