Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wednesday Woes.

Okay, so maybe saying that I have "woes" is exaggerating, but why can't today be Friday?!?! This week hasn't been dragging like the last few were (thankfully), but I just want it to be over. I have a giant pile of orders on my desk at work and I just can't seem to burn through them! I think I have been doing a lot each day this week, but I am getting new ones faster than I can get the old ones off of my desk. Plus, we are supposed to be moving into a new room soon. They are cramming all of the artists into one room and giving us smaller cubes (downgrade!). Actually, I am sort of looking forward to moving. A change of scenery will be nice. It will also be nice to talk to artists without worrying about bothering other employees in other departments. I'm also going to decorate my new cube. I never got around to doing anything with my current one; just papers and notes stuck to the wall for my viewing pleasure (that was sarcasm-they are not pleasurable to my eyes at all!). Like I mentioned a couple of posts ago, I spent quite a chunk of money on a junk website and got a few things to litter my new cube with. All of which are highly entertaining and geeky.

Lately I have been totally in tune with my inner geek. I love it! I just want to pile all of my geeky little obsessions in front of me and marvel at their awesomeness.

It's supposed to snow this weekend! Nooooo! I am over winter....I just want it to be spring! Even if it does snow, I'm going to try to drag Ian to the movie theater. I definitely am going to see Monsters Vs Aliens in 3D!! Also, I wouldn't mind hitting a matinee feature of Knowing, even though I'm pretty sure it's horrible! I just want to see! And if it is horrible, oh well, I can just complain about it.

Today I saw the trailer for Where the Wild Things Are!! It looks SO good! Ian informed me that the Arcade Fire song in the trailer is REALLY good when Bowie performs it....and it's true! I saw it on Youtube. Can't wait for October! While on apple trailers...I saw the "other" Half-Blood Prince trailer! (I had only seen one before today). Looks pretty good! I haven't read that book yet (I'm only a few chapters into Order of the Phoenix). I'm sure it will be chopped to pieces as was Goblet of Fire and I'm sure Order of the Phoenix will be. The first three movies didn't bother me too much because they didn't seem to change the story all that much. They were good movies overall. Goblet of Fire bothered me a little more than the others because of the cutting out and rearranging, but I didn't hate it. I'm expecting the same from the next few because really you can't turn such a long book into a 3 hour movie and have it make sense without jumbling a few things around. My big thing is the telling of the story and how well it comes across, and I think the Harry Potter movies do a decent job of that.

I'm also pretty excited for this weekend to see how my NCAA bracket fares! So far, I am not doing horrible. As long as UCONN wins it all I will be okay! :P I really know nothing about basketball, so my picks are based on things such as how well the schools colors go together or how cute the mascot is. I really don't thing stats matter anyways! It's mostly luck. 

Also, I am still having a tough time deciding on a vacation! I want to do/see so much! I'm trying to figure out how many of my vacation days I want to use for which trips! Ian and I are thinking of just doing a weekend getaway, and though I haven't decided on any package deals etc, I still would like to visit D.C. this year or next with my dad! I know there is a lot to do but I am unsure of how much time to devote to what? Someday after I take a few vacations like this I will probably get the hang of it, but gosh golly gee wiz I am still new to this and it is frustrating.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lazy Sunday Afternoon.

Today is great and relaxing, wish it wouldn't end.

Just wanted to comment on my experience with walking and listening to audio books. It was pretty nice! There were a few times where I had a hard time paying attention to the book, but for the most part it worked pretty well. This might be a breakthrough for me: now I can get some much needed exercise and burn through some books at a good pace! Plus today was beeeaauuuttifulll so it was all-around a good experience. :)

By the way, the audio book I am "listening to/reading" is Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Only a few chapters in, but so far it's pretty entertaining!


I went shopping with my mom and sister yesterday. It was GREAT. I spent a lot of money. I got several new tops, a couple of Brewers hoodies & a Brewers windjacket (mom bought these for me as a gift for my birthday from the family), several decorative things, some apple scented bodywash/lotion/body spray, some fabric, some felt, a new pair of fabric scissors to replace the ones I lost, rugs for the balcony, and a second cat carrier to quash my fears of having a fire in the apartment and squishing both cats into one. I really had a good time yesterday and it is so nice to have a crazy money spending day once in awhile. I actually continued spending money this morning by buying 9 t-shirts from threadless (there was a big sale) and several "junk" items from perpetual kid. However, I do not consider them junk...I consider them treasures. Yes, so put some money into the economy. Just doing my part. 

Today is a day of relaxation. I got my grocery shopping and laundry out of the way early. Now I am just surfing the net and watching some basketball. Later I may go on a walk if it is still nice. I want to finish Goblet of Fire within a couple of days if possible because I'm excited to know what comes of this and to see what the next movie will be like!!

I love lazy Sundays.

Friday, March 20, 2009

March Madness

Tonight we went downtown to meet up with my aunt and uncle, who are in town for a couple of days. It was my first experience in downtown Madison during the big high school basketball state tourney. Pretty crazy! There were a lot of people around town and the bar we met at was packed. It was so nice to see them though!

Tomorrow I am going shopping with my mom and sister. It will be GREAT, especially since they are buying me something for my birthday AND I just got my paycheck with my raise in it and my bonus.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy birthday to me

Well, my birthday was yesterday (March 18). Not an extremely exciting one. Last weekend I celebrated a bit with Ian at Olive Garden (yum) and this weekend I will be having a shopping excursion with my mom and sister. On my actual birthday, though, I worked. Blahhhh. After work, I had some ice cream cake (yum again). Then, an unfortunate event happened. My kitten ran away from me outside. She is an indoor cat and hasn't been outside really since we adopted her. Luckily she went no further than under an old truck that has not moved from its parking spot since we began living here a few months short of a year ago. She climbed underneath into a little cubby surrounded by pipes and covered in grease. It was disgusting and we spent nearly an hour and a half trying to convince her to come out (and hoping that the owner of the vehicle wouldn't come out and yell at us for being under his/her truck). The poor kitten was scared out of her mind. Eventually we got her to move and pulled her out. We brought her back into the apartment and gave her a bath. We have never given our cats baths before, and we can't seem to get all of the shampoo out of her fur. We rinsed and rinsed and it still remains a bit oily after she dries out. Anyway, she is safe and happy once again, as am I. 

I'm hoping that tomorrow (day) goes quickly and my fun weekend goes slowly!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Jon & Kate Plus 8

Okay, I am not an avid viewer of any television show except for this one! Sure, I will DVR The Simpsons & South Park and watch them almost daily, but it is not the same. Every Monday night at 8:00 I am sitting in front of my tv enjoying the new episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8.

However, tonight I learned that next week is the season finale. Sad, but these things happen. After googling the topic, I found out that it should be starting up again in May. Whew. But..........

what was this preview that showed them acting as if they were going to get a divorce? I know they might just be playing it up because of the many many rumors about Jon's excursions with young college girls. But a part of me it real?

Ugh these things bother me! Hopefully next week's episode clears things up!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

One more....sorry.

I promise this will be the last post I write complaining about Watchmen.

Youtube comments are just ticking me off!

I prefaced my video review (which can be found in my last post) by saying that I complain a lot. People shouldn't watch it if they don't want to hear my complaints! And of they are going to tell me my complaints aren't valid, they should give good reasons to back up their arguments. Fine, people liked the movie. Good! I'm glad they liked it. They keep telling me that I was delusional for thinking that the movie would be anywhere near close to the greatness of the graphic novel. I'm sorry, but they made a film adaptation of the "best graphic novel of all time", shouldn't it be great?

I will say this, my taste in films is drastically different than most other people's taste and I know this! I HATE loads of movies that other people love! It is just a difference in opinion.

If this movie was NEVER a graphic novel and was only this film, I would have probably hated it. Now, granted, it is hard for me to imagine not reading the book before seeing the film. But when I think of the reasons I most often have for not enjoying a movie....I notice that a lot of those things that make me dislike movies are part of Watchmen. The acting abilities of the female leads in this movie were vile. Ozymendias was awful as well. Night Owl was slightly better but not by much. Bad acting RUINS movies for me. Also, the ending was not realistic and overall pretty bad. Not believable to me. I need a good closure to a film and if it lacks in a good ending, I tend to not be happy with the rest of the film. Most of all, this movie seemed to focus way too intently on the love story between Silk Spectre and Night Owl. This whole relationship was not enjoyable to me in the book (I really dislike too much love and romance in a book or a movie) and the fact that the movie was keying into it so much was bad to me.

The chapters in the book that were most enjoyable to me were the ones focusing on the world, the humans, the vileness of human nature and how destructive people were becoming, the pending war, the struggle of the superheroes to come to grips to how broken the world really was. The movie LACKED in this area. I did not feel they put enough emphasis on the deepness of the true story.

That's all I'm going to write about it.


This is a video about all of my complaints about Watchmen. As I state in the video, I am aware that I was being too picky. It is my nature to be picky and I am overly critical on ALL movies I see. It makes the ones I do like so much better!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

I Solemnly Swear I'm Up To No Good

I have a few things to say...
  • The other morning I found THIS WEBSITE posted on a blog. Why haven't I heard about this before? This is the most exciting news I've heard maybe ever! Now I have my 2010 vacation set and am completely excited about it!! 
  • I randomly learned how to play the first part of the Harry Potter "Hedwig's Theme" on keyboard. It is very geeky and very cool at the same time.
  • Ian bought a new computer last night. It's a PC but I will forgive him. :) He has a webcam and mic built in to the computer now so we can see each other when we are not together. I think we are using it to an extreme level, though, because instead of walking into the next room to talk to each other we just call each other on yahoo. I guess it gets rid of most of the yelling across the apartment that we so often do!
  • Work is still super stressful, but I've decided that it's not worth it to carry all of that stress into my non-work life. So, I'm swamped and work really hard while I'm there, but I try not to think about it in the evenings/nights/weekends. I am only one person and I know that I give 110% everyday so I don't feel guilty about anything.
  • I am trying to plan a vacation. Ian and I want to go somewhere in April and hopefully I can use some of my vacation time to take a week off that soon. We looked a little bit at Seattle or Denver. Not sure though! We are not social people so we are not interested in night life or whatnot...we like doing things like museums, zoos, aquariums, monuments, etc. We have a lot to think about I guess.
Kind of a quick update! That's okay though. More later.