Friday, May 30, 2008

No Internet for the Weekend :(

I honestly thought the mess could get no worse than what it was when I took the pictures in my last post. I was, so wrong. Right now, I have about seven-ish piles of totes stacked to the ceiling in my kitchen. There is a small path winding to the sink and the fridge, room at all. The living room has piles everywhere. The spare room has things that are still in the process of being packed. The bedroom has piles of Ian's clothes everywhere. We carried all of my clothes down to my car last night. I just want this move to be over! I'm sick of living in this mess.

I am not going to have the internet until (hopefully) early next week. We are shutting ours off today and setting up an appointment for the next place. That's ok because I really need to spend the weekend focusing on getting as much done as possible!!

I have to go throw a load of laundry in. I will update again once we are further along in this moving process!

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