Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I was going to make a grumpy post, but things turned around!

Yesterday I was going to blog and complain about what terrible luck I have been having in my quest to find a job in Madison.



I got a call this morning from a sports apparel company who are seeking a production artist to add to their team. Applicant must be able to handle a fast-paced environment, must be organized, must be self directed, and must be proficient in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Yep, that describes me.

My interview is at 11am on Monday. It is going to be about a two hour drive there and a two hour drive back. More than likely I will have to work at 2 that day, so I'm not sure how this will work out. Oh well! New job is probably more important than old job. Hopefully the interview goes well. I get so nervous before interviews.

Friday we are planning on going to Madison to see a movie, so I may stop somewhere and try to get some more professional clothing. Also might want to get a new portfolio since my current one is covered in fur. It's not in great condition. I wonder if I can talk Ian into driving by the place so that I have an idea of where it is located. I'm nervous and excited. I have been very worried about my job situation and moving, and this would ease a little bit of my worries. I am going to tell them I could start within two weeks of the hire date so I could give my notice to my current employer and have some time to get up there. We are probably going to be staying with someone while we find a place to live. I am going to be positive that I'm going to get this job because that kind of attitude is good, I think. I am hoping that it is a first shift, Monday through Friday, decent-paying and with good benefits, but I really don't know any details at all. It could very well be 2nd shift and weekends. I'm hoping if that is the case that at least the pay and benefits are ok. I figure it has got to be better than other things because they were seeking someone with an associates degree. Ahhh I'm nervous and excited.

Well, I need to shower and get ready for work. Boo! I can't wait to have a new job!

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