Saturday, May 24, 2008


Well, tonight is over.

When I first got to work tonight, a manager pulled me aside and started asking me a lot of questions. He questioned a few things I had done the day before and made it sound like I did something horribly wrong (which I didn't). Then, he started questioning me about how I think closes are going. Then, he proceeded to ask me specifically about a particular supervisor's closes. It felt like he was trying to make me say that she isn't doing her job, but I did not say that because it wouldn't be true. I happen to like this particular supervisor, as both a coworker and a person. He then questioned me about what the recovery team has been doing wrong. Finally, he told me to keep an eye out for anything fishy and that "he was going to use me as his eyes". after chewing on this discussion for awhile, I felt really bad. I went to the supervisor and told her about the conversation. I felt it was the right thing to do. She was very angry, as one would assume, and wrote a note to the store manager. The note mentioned my name. I only have THREE days left, and if it is found out that I told my supervisor what was said, the manager who was first mentioned will make my last three days a living hell. I am so contemplating not showing up to work..but you know I will. I'm too nice not to. Ugghh I hate feeling like I did the right thing, but worrying about being punished for it. Maybe I am overreacting...maybe nothing will come of this. I hope that is what happens. I guess I will not worry about it until Monday. Gulp.

Otherwise, I'm really excited that I might never have to work another Saturday my whole life!! I took a couple of big-ish boxes from work tonight so that I can start packing, but I don't even know where to begin! I figure if I take a couple of good sized boxes from work each night, I should have a good number by Wednesday.

Anyway, I'm tired and hungry and in need of a shower. I am off to do one of the above. Too-da-loo!

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