Friday, May 16, 2008

To-Do-Before-I-Move List

  • Find an apartment!! Current criteria: patio/balcony, washer/dryer in building, and allows cat.
  • Organize all of my junk, de-clutter, and pack
  • Organize a list of all addresses/phone numbers I will ever need and make an extra copy (family, friends, references, previous employers and renters, etc.)
  • Close my current checking and savings account and find a new bank at my new place
  • Figure out how to cancel my direct deposit from work because I am closing my bank account. Also give work my parents' address so they can forward any outstanding checks or whatnot.
  • Research how long I have to change my license plate and drivers license after I move. Then, at some point, do so.
  • Try to get together with friends one last time!
  • Figure out what vehicles/trailers we may need to borrow in order to move all of our junk up there in as few of trips as possible (hopefully only one because of gas prices). If no trucks/trailers, then contact u-haul.
  • Find grocery store, doctor, dentist, eye doctor, hospital, mechanic
  • Cancel cable/electricity/netflix and change address on current bills

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