Friday, April 4, 2008

Heartwrecker, heartwrecker, make me delight.

I am thinking about tackling my blog layout. I have some background in web design, but it has been awhile. Ian is leaving for about five days starting next Thursday, so I should have a bunch of free time to play with it. I am also planning on doing some painting and charcoal drawing. Even though it will be nice to have the free time, I am very sad about him leaving. Five days is a long time and we haven't really been apart for that long before. Plus, I will be doing a lot of hard work (which, by the way, my whole body is in very painful knots from my job). Oh well, I am going to focus on the fun we will have this weekend instead of dreading next week.

I did another search for jobs in or around the Madison area. I found one for a "web populator". The company is an audio/video retailer and they are looking for someone to upload product images, descriptions, and specs to their website. The position would also require one to research products and edit copy to make it coherent and cohesive. And it sounds like there is some side-work of catalog copy writing. I don't think this would be a bad job. It is $10 an hour, 40 hours a week and it seems like they have decent perks (insurance, training, paid vacation and holidays). It is located in Middleton, which is where we were looking at living. I think the experience would be good as well because I am looking at getting more into web design. I'm going to touch up my resume today (I am going to just make it black and white and much simpler) and send it to them. AND I'm going to actually mention this time in the cover letter that I plan on moving to the area soon. I'm ready for a new, less physical job. I come home feeling completely exhausted and sore from the current job every single night. I'm always mentally drained. Every day when I go to work the lame manager is always putting me down even though I try very hard and everyone else tells me I do good work. I feel really lame for letting such a stupid job get to me. I'm not getting paid very much and put a lot more effort than a lot of people who make similar wages. I really shouldn't care so much.

I am getting so excited about seeing The Kids in the Hall tomorrow night. This is something that I never dreamed possible. Ian and I watch the show all the time (he has every season on dvd). We think it is one of the funniest things ever to grace our eyes. When we were at Disney World, everytime one of their voices was featured at a ride or attraction we had to laugh. I wish we were seated a little closer to the stage, but I'm not too worried about it. As long as I can see I will be fine. I would love to know if I can bring my camera to the venue. I should call ahead. If not, my phone has camera and video function, but I'm weary about using it for this because I doubt we will be close enough for the picture to turn out and the audio would probably not be very good.

We have Netflix and can get three movies at a time. Usually, Ian picks two and I pick one and he pays 2/3 of the monthly fee. Since Ian will be gone next week, he let me pick two this time. I am getting sick of new movies. Most of them have really lame stories with really lame actors/actresses. They sacrifice quality for sex and unfunny humor. I am going to start watching more older movies because they always seem to impress me more. It seems the stories are a lot of times better put together and the actors/actresses are actually talented and not chosen based solely on looks and zero emphasis on acting ability. I'm not bashing all new movies, because I do enjoy some...maybe only five a year, though, that I would actually consider good. Anyway, I am going to relive some books we read in high school and watch the movies The Great Gatsby and Sun Also Rises. I would rather read the books, but sadly am usually not able to read for extended periods of time and (also sadly) would rather have movies delivered to my mailbox than drive down to the library and sign up for a card.

I need to go lay down on a heating pad. My body aches.

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