Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I love my boyfriend.

Ian is so sweet...I got home from work tonight and checked my phone. I had a text message from Ian that read "You have a present waiting for you in the freezer." So, I open up the freezer and there is a Culver's Concrete Mixer in there! (It is a vanilla shake with candy bar pieces mixed into it, for those of you who don't know.) He always does little sweet things for me and I love him for it!

This week has been disgustingly long so far, but not that bad. Tomorrow, however, things will change because the manager who I have problems with is closing, therefore he will be there for my full eight hour shift, and will probably make me stay late because that is what happens every time...Even though at some point I will have to go home, though, unless they want to give me overtime. I hate that they make us stay later than we are is so illegal. It was worse for me when I was in school and had to get up in the mornings.

I have Friday off this week. I will probably spend the whole day cleaning because my apartment needs to be cleaned quite badly. I just want to open up the windows all day and let the place air out. Between Ian's stinky shoes and the people below us who smoke, I can hardly breathe in here anymore. I really want to take some bleach and a brush and hardcore scrub the ceiling and shower and get all of the mold spots, mildew, and lime scale taken care of. I haven't been wearing my contacts in the shower lately because it's been so bad.

Saturday I have to work from 1pm to 9:30pm. It is going to be awful. On Sunday Ian and I are going up to his mom's house for his birthday party and they are grilling out. I am very excited to see them and eat good food, but not so excited for the drive. I wish someone would invent a teleportation device. It would be helpful to my mind and to my pocket.

I am going to shower and get out of my stinky work clothes now. I have to go grocery shopping tonight when Ian is off of work. I hate grocery shopping. At least when we go, there is no one there so we can get our business done and get out of there.

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