Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I am feeling kind of yucky this morning.

Let's see, I need to recap:

Ian's birthday was last Friday, but we didn't do anything because he had to work. I went out to my parents' house instead to pick up his present and to visit the family. My dad, my brother, and I ended up going to my grandparents' house for a good portion of the night to visit with them. I went back to Dubuque around 10-11pm. Ian came home at about 12:30am and I gave him his present:

He loved it because it is green, even though I haven't seen him take many pictures with it. I think that is because we have only had one day off since last Friday.

Sunday we went to Ian's mom's house to celebrate his birthday with his family. It was nice seeing them. We ate cake and he opened presents. We spent the rest of the afternoon chatting, taking a walk, and riding bikes. It was a beautiful day.

So far this week, I have worked everyday. Monday something horrible happened. I logged on to my online bank website and noticed that twice in a row, a sum of $47.33 was taken out from I have never even been to that website, let alone paid them for anything. I e-mailed the bank and called the phone number of that was listed next to the transaction and left a message. I'm supposed to go to the bank to fill out some dispute papers and turn my debit card off, but I have been so darn exhausted every night and every morning that I haven't been able to wake up at a reasonable time. Work has been doing that to me. I can't work 2nd shift much longer at a place that expects me to do such hard physical labor every night. So, yesterday I checked my account and put $47.73 back into my account. I don't understand at all what is going on. I'm going to call again today and explain exactly how much was taken out and put back in, and then I will have to wait a couple of days to get a hold of the bank because I work the rest of today and will be in Milwaukee attending a Brewers game from probably 8am until nighttime tomorrow. I am guessing that I will have to get a new debit card, and don't want to be without one all day tomorrow.

I applied for two jobs recently: one is at a sports logo embroidering company as a production artist and the other is at a dentist office as a receptionist. The first would be great for experience and I think it sounds fun, plus I'm qualified for it. I don't know how much it pays or what kind of benefits it would have. The second would have great benefits I'm sure, but I'm unsure of what the pay would be. The ad said it is a busy dentist office, but I think I could probably handle it. I am not sure they would hire me, though, based on the fact that I know very little about dentistry. Oh well, a job is a job. I'm hoping for a first shift, Monday through Friday job. Wouldn't that be spectacular? No more wasted days.

I need to start my "getting ready for work" routine. I'm definitely in a bit of a rut with this current job. When I worked 25 hours it wasn't so bad, but working 40 hours is killing my body. And I am getting paid crap wages. It's not even worth going sometimes.

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