Monday, April 14, 2008


Sorry I haven't updated in awhile. Kids in the Hall was AMAZING. I wanted to take pictures and video, but there were no cameras allowed. Apparently the rule wasn't enforced though and I was kicking myself for not being a rule-breaker. I got a couple pictures on my cellphone, but they didn't turn out. I was going to make a re-cap video of myself doing some of the skits, but never found the time. I'm sure they would have been priceless. The hotel we stayed in that night was HORRIBLE. There was mold in the shower, a hole in the wall, and the toilet broke halfway through the night. I was afraid to sleep under the covers, even though there was no visible gross-ness. We gladly woke up early and got the heck out of there. We roamed around a couple of stores and the mall and ate at Rocky Rococo's. Finally, we headed to the IMAX to see Shine a Light. I thought it was amazing! I felt like I was front row at a Stones concert. We were the youngest people there. After we left, I spent the rest of the day strutting around like Mick Jagger.

The rest of the week sucked quite a lot because I had to work five days in a row. Friday was the worst because of two reasons: Ian left at 5am to go to Arkansas for five days and at work it was the first day of a two day sale plus the first day of LPS. It was crazy and they only had me in for a five hour shift! Needless to say, I didn't get anything done. I was glad to have Saturday and Sunday off. I went to my parents house so that I wasn't so lonely. I had a good time just hanging out. My aunt, uncle, and their three children came out to visit. We went to church and stopped by my grandparents' house. That night I relaxed and researched some cameras that I was considering getting Ian for his birthday. Sunday I woke up fairly early. My mom and I did laundry. I cleaned the inside of my car and my brother washed the outside. I bought a camera for Ian (it's perfect!). It was nice being lazy at home. I wish I could go out there for a few days in a row again soon, but it's not likely to happen because I rarely have two days off of work in a row.

Sunday night I stopped at work and got some 300 count bed sheets for only 26 bucks! Plus I had a 15% discount! I picked my mom up a set as well. I hate going in on my days off, but these were more than 50% off their original price. The rest of the night was spent laying around watching television. I didn't fall asleep until 1:30am.

Today I didn't wake up until 12:30pm. I know, I got too much sleep...Work was horrible, as usual. Well, I take that back, it could have been worse. TOMORROW will be horrible. Ian is coming home tonight :) :) :) but probably not for a couple more hours. I really should clean the bathroom before he gets home, but my legs are worn out. There is some lime scale and mold spots on the ceiling and I didn't notice it was so bad until I wore my contacts in the shower one night. It's gross and I will need to brush and bleach it one of these days. I might wait until my day off, though, because my legs are always so tired from work and standing with my arms above my head scrubbing for long periods of time doesn't sound so comfortable.

I am going to go make some juice. More later. :)

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