Wednesday, March 5, 2008

"Wednesday" Update

It's about 12:30am, so I wasn't sure to title this as Thursday or Wednesday since technically it is both. ANYWAY, this isn't going to be much of an update. I will write a proper entry soon, I promise, but here are some basic things about the current life of me:

- I'm working pretty much everyday. It's decent, except for when a certain manager is working. He is getting on my nerves BIG time and saying things that really tick me off.

- Ian is lovely and has been helping out around the apartment a lot lately so that I don't have to spend every second I have off cleaning and doing chores.

- We spent last Sunday being very, VERY lazy and knocked out the rest of Freaks & Geeks which there are now no more episodes for us to watch of (sad face). We also watched The Godfather Pt. 2 and it was GREAT.

- We don't have very many groceries at the moment and will have to make due until Thursday when Ian gets paid.

- I wish we were moving sooner.

That is all.

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