Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sensation Blvd.

My body aches! I have been working super hard all week and it is killing me! Even though I'm working so hard, my manager wrote me up yesterday because there were a couple of laundry detergents out of place. I didn't even do it! He said he put in a "memo-to-file" (whatever that is) and the next step could be termination. Are you kidding me? He said the exact same thing to three of my coworkers today. There are rumors that he is going to get canned soon. That might be why he is being a ruthless tyrant right now. Although, he is a ruthless tyrant a lot of times so I guess it could mean anything. But still...that doesn't give him the right to log something bad about me that I didn't even do! I am so ready to get a new job.

I have been listening to a lot of this man's music tonight:

David Bowie.

Greatest musician ever.

So inspiring. He makes me want to create something. Hmm.

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