Thursday, March 6, 2008

Left to Locate the Last Trace of Waste

I work an eight hour shift tomorrow and then......


I am unbelievably excited for this. I NEED THIS. Next week my schedule is better physically but not financially....apparently I work 2-10 Monday (autopull), 2-10 Tuesday (autopull), 5-10:30 Wednesday (salesfloor), and 4:30-10 Friday (electronics). Boo! Maybe I'm not doing a good enough job on autopull or maybe I'm just doing too good of a job on salesfloor that they won't let me do autopull everyday? I don't know. It sucks though because I was kind of liking not having to deal with customers. At least I won't have to do salesfloor AND autopull like I've had to do basically since I have started working there. I wish June would hurry up and get here so I could start a new job. I hate having different hours and days every week and never knowing how many hours they are going to give me.

Ian told me today that Lou Reed is going to be doing a short U.S. tour April through June. If he comes anywhere within six hours of here WE ARE GOING. It would be amazing. So far he has only announced dates out east and they are very random places, so maybe he will hit somewhere like Minneapolis or Chicago. It would be better if he would come to Madison so that we wouldn't have to drive so much.

Ack, I need to take a shower but might read some more Maus first. It is a really good book. I mean, it isn't good because it is about the Holocaust, but it is very interesting to read this man's story about surviving.

Anyway, I will write more later.

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