Monday, March 17, 2008

Quick Update Before Work

The weekend was pretty good...considering it turned into four days off of work. Too bad I was sick most of the time. Saturday I did get to catch up with some old friends-Megan, Janice, Avory, and Jason. We hung out in Cedar Rapids and Cascade for the afternoon, evening, and most of the night. It was nice seeing them. :)

Sunday Ian and I relaxed, ate pizza, and watched The Godfather Part 3. We also went grocery shopping. It wasn't too painful.

I did a little bit of job searching over the internet for the Madison area. I found a couple of nice-looking jobs, but am unsure if I would be qualified for them. I may as well send my resume to them and see what comes back. It can't hurt, right?

I'm also brainstorming on what to paint next. I may try a Bowie portrait because he is so darn cool.

I'm off to work now (blah). Tomorrow I have off because I took off for my 21st birthday. I am not planning on getting completely smashed or anything, but I will buy some form of alcohol and hang out at my parents for the majority of the day. Ian is taking me to Horton Hears a Who also. I am very excited. I wish I would have known that everyone would be back for spring break on my birthday week earlier because I might have planned something. Oh well, too late now I guess.

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