Saturday, March 29, 2008


I have the next two days off, I work three in a row, and then I have Friday through Sunday off. Life is amazing. Tomorrow I have NOTHING planned and am looking forward to spending the day relaxing and doing the spontaneous thing. I will be watching the Brewers first game of the season on Monday, unless something lame happens like it not being available on my television because the big tv companies believe we are in the zone where the Crew is available on our local stations (which it is not) and black us out. That would suck. Friday I am going out to eat with a former coworker and am really looking forward to it! Other than that I don't have anything planned yet. Saturday we MIGHT be going to a Brewers game in the day and then we are going to see The Kids in the Hall Saturday night. We are planning on staying in a hotel in Madison Saturday night (which reminds me, I need to book one), and then we will be going to Shine a Light (the new Scorsese film about the Stones) at the imax on Sunday. I don't really have any extra money set aside for leisure, but I think I will survive.

Since I don't have to move a lot tomorrow, I think I am going to attempt some yoga tonight. Wish me luck.

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