Thursday, February 23, 2012

Update Time! [2/23/12]

So....Tuesday and Wednesday of this week were not my finest days. I had SEVERE cravings for bread, carbs, cake, ice cream, pizza...pretty much everything that I am not allowed to eat. And....unfortunately...I succumbed to those cravings. I'm an addict trying to wean myself off of huge amounts of I guess I should have braced for some slip-ups. Never fear, today (Thursday) I am back on track. I have been eating healthy today and have not had one bite of bread, pasta, rice, or anything of the like. I just got done doing Zumba Sculpt & Tone. I think I am going to follow the booklet I got with the box set for a daily workout plan. It mostly consists of Sculpt & Tone, Cardio Party, and I think Fitness Live once or twice. Super fun but also super hard! I am SWEATY!! Shower time, then back to homework. Boo!

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