Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Plan To Eat Healthy and Exercise:

I am done with eating unhealthily. I am done putting off exercising until "tomorrow". I am done wishing that I could be more healthy, but feeling like I can't do it. There is no better time than now to better myself.

My plan is to eat healthy and low-carb foods during the week, and then relax on the weekends. I am not going to be an out of control junk-eater on the weekends, I am just going to not be so strict with myself about carbs and calories. I feel like doing this will give me more of a chance to succeed. If I give up carbs "cold turkey", I will more than likely quit this diet after a couple of weeks. It might take a little longer for the weight to come off, but I am fine with that.

Unlike last time when I said I would but never did, I am going to post what I am eating here on my blog. I feel like if I publicly put out there what I am eating, I will be more accountable. I think I will post my food once a week. I won't add up calories on my blog, but I will be using myfitnesspal to track them myself. My goal will be to eat about 1200-1300 per day. I am also going to make an effort to do some form of exercise at least 5 days a week. I hope I can stick with it and finish strong. My ultimate goal would be to lose 20-30 pounds. I am not concerned with this happening by a certain date, but I would love to get there as soon as possible.

I am going to try to keep this up until Easter, and then see where I am. I may decide to continue this diet for longer, or I may decide to change things up. We'll see when that time comes.

I'm hoping to do my food posts every weekend, but the day I post might change slightly every week depending on how busy I am.

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