Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I've been slacking. I'm going to try to make a come back!

Hi, all. So, I've been a major slacker. My daily food diary tumblr posts fell through and I haven't been keeping up on myfitnesspal. It sucks, but I was eating awful foods anyway. I'm going to try to change that! Starting the next time I go to the grocery store (this weekend sometime), I am going to attempt a low-carb diet. That is, very little to NO bread, pasta, rice, or potato. I have not set an end date for this yet, but I am going to set an end date to keep myself motivated (I feel that if I have an end in sight, I will do better). Also, I am going to get off of my lazy butt and exercise again. And, finally, I am GIVING UP SODA. This is a big one. I gave it up a few years ago, but have started drinking it again since and it is a horrible habit. It's bad for my body and my wallet, so I am giving it up. Hopefully for good. This whole thing is a revelation I came to today, and I have no details to this plan yet, but I will try my hardest to follow through. Also this week, I am going to revamp my blog's layout. I want to involve my blog in some way in this whole process, so I will think of ideas. I'm a little worried because I tend to do badly with any kind of diet, or lifestyle change, or whatever you want to call it when I am busy with school....and I am sure busy with school right now! Hopefully I can succeed! I will write a more put-together post about this later, I just wanted to do a minor update.

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