Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ahh..Being Lazy is Great.

Today is Sunday. Sunday mornings are great because they are always so lazy. I get up, go to church, come home, and have a couple of hours left to do what I want (or what I need to get done). Ian wakes up in the middle of the afternoon and we either sit around the apartment and relex, or go to Madison and walk around some store or museum. I love Sundays.

Today I cleaned my apartment and my car. I also started up a new account at Picasa so that I can upload my photos to a website that my family can view. Right now I'm watching the Brewers (who are losing sadly), contemplating what I want to make to eat, procrastinating about starting laundry, and waiting for Ian to wake up.

Yesterday was great. We woke up and drove to Milwaukee to hit the zoo. It costs a lot of money to go to that zoo! Completely worth it, though. We saw some awesome animals up close. I got great pictures, too. I stuck a slideshow of my zoo album in my right navigation bar, so feel free to take a look. :)

We tried to stop at Slumberland on the way back to check out some couches (we are going to buy our first couch!), but they close early on Saturdays. I guess we will be looking on their website for now, and when we feel ambitious we will try hitting the store again. I'm so excited to have a big, full-sized couch in our living room for me to sprawl out on. This love seat just isn't doing it.

This morning Ian woke me up with flowers. :) It was really nice of him and they are really pretty. 

Well, I'd better get back to being lazy. :)

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