Monday, July 28, 2008


These last few weeks have been very hectic....I've had a lot going on! 

On opening day, Ian, Eric, and I went to Batman. GREAT MOVIE. I enjoyed it a lot. The next day, Ian and I drove to Minneapolis and enjoyed the fine music of Ween at the Roy auditorium.

It was a wonderful show.

This past weekend my brother came to visit. We saw Batman again on Friday. Saturday, we picked up Ian's nephew and headed to Noah's Ark Waterpark for the day. We got there early and hit all of the good rides before the crowds. We left in the afternoon because we were all pretty much exhausted. It was a very fun day though.

I was extremely exhausted Saturday night all through Sunday. My parents came to pick up my brother on Sunday. We hung out around town for a couple of hours. I pretty much just laid around all day. 

This week is a little horrifying at work. There is so much to do. I'm just taking it one day at a time. This weekend I have nothing planned, and am looking forward to that for once. 

Okay, I saved the best news for last: last week I purchased a MacBook! I've been wanting a Mac for quite awhile now, so I finally bought myself a MacBook. It is nice having a laptop. I'm going to get the Adobe Creative Suite from work for free. I can't wait to design things for fun!! 

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Sarah said...

I am ALIVE!!!

Dude, you were in Minneapolis? Cool...(I dunno why, it's just...I dunno, I used to live around there, lol) I remember going to that water park with my girl scout troup when we saved up money to take a trip. We originally wanted to go to Chicago, but we got the next best thing! Wisconsin...! >.> Hehe. Miss ya! :P