Thursday, August 7, 2008



This week has been very hectic!

So far, I've managed to experience every technical screw up known to man at work! The computer flipped out on me, the printer flipped out on me....I think I have the opposite-Midas touch, you know?

My car was showing me this really weird warning light that said something something BRAKES. So, I thought that might be important. Ian's dad took it to his mechanic and apparently the rear brakes were increadibly damaged (not sure how that happened) and leaking fluid. We drove all the way to Cambria tonight to find out that he still wasn't finished fixing it. Oh well, at least we got to listen to crappy oldies music along the way since we forgot to bring CDs!

Tuesday night we bought a couch! How random...I know! Right now we have a love seat in the living room and it's just not big enough!! The new couch is brand new and from Slumberland. It's soft and huge. I can't wait to get lost in it! They will be delivering it next Wednesday.

I guess I basically just wanted to update tonight because...well...I am bored.

Surprisingly, even though I've had a lot of technical difficulties...I'm pretty much caught up at work. That may not last long though because it seems as though I'm ALWAYS on the verge of being swamped.

Also, this week I've rekindled my fondness for Andy Kaufman! If you have never seen or heard of him.....go to youtube right now and search for his videos! He is probably the best comedian ever. He is incredibly funny in a weird sort of way. I can't help but laugh everytime he does a skit!

Okay, that is all for now! I have nothing planned for this weekend so I'm looking forward to relaxing for once. Wish me luck with that. :)

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