Friday, May 11, 2012

High Five For Friday!

Since I have been on hiatus for so long, I'm going to do a High 10 For Friday! As usual, linking up with!



1. For Ian's birthday, we went to downtown Madison to Wisconsin Film Festival. We walked around for awhile, then saw the movie "We're Not Broke". It was a good documentary, but we definitely left feeling angry.

2. We went to celebrate Ian's birthday with his family a few weekends ago. The day was really fun and we drank a lot of wine (and I was feelin' fine!)! Also, I had a classic drunk facebook status update that Ian and I are still joking about.

3. School is out for the summer!!

4. Free stuff from Target and JC Penney that I blogged about here and here.

5. Don't make me snap my fingers in a z formation, hip rotation, booty sensation! (I love saying this.)

6. Going to the Amana Colonies for a family gathering! I love spending time with my extended family and it was really neat to see Amana during Maifest!

7. My Jedi cat lol.

8. Random trips to DQ to get a "swirl". Hehe. *Bob's Burgers reference*

9. Finding awesome shows on Netflix Instant and watching ALL THE EPISODES as fast as I can because I get so into them.

10. I FINISHED the full 7 circuits of Jillian Michaels Banish Fat Boost Metabolism DVD. I have been trying to do this for weeks, and finally did it last week. So difficult!


suzyhomemaker said...

Jillian's workout is a killer, but when I have done it in the past I always feel great afterwards.

cherylinspace said...

Yes, for sure! I did feel really good when it was done! But I was really sore the next day lol.