Sunday, March 8, 2009

One more....sorry.

I promise this will be the last post I write complaining about Watchmen.

Youtube comments are just ticking me off!

I prefaced my video review (which can be found in my last post) by saying that I complain a lot. People shouldn't watch it if they don't want to hear my complaints! And of they are going to tell me my complaints aren't valid, they should give good reasons to back up their arguments. Fine, people liked the movie. Good! I'm glad they liked it. They keep telling me that I was delusional for thinking that the movie would be anywhere near close to the greatness of the graphic novel. I'm sorry, but they made a film adaptation of the "best graphic novel of all time", shouldn't it be great?

I will say this, my taste in films is drastically different than most other people's taste and I know this! I HATE loads of movies that other people love! It is just a difference in opinion.

If this movie was NEVER a graphic novel and was only this film, I would have probably hated it. Now, granted, it is hard for me to imagine not reading the book before seeing the film. But when I think of the reasons I most often have for not enjoying a movie....I notice that a lot of those things that make me dislike movies are part of Watchmen. The acting abilities of the female leads in this movie were vile. Ozymendias was awful as well. Night Owl was slightly better but not by much. Bad acting RUINS movies for me. Also, the ending was not realistic and overall pretty bad. Not believable to me. I need a good closure to a film and if it lacks in a good ending, I tend to not be happy with the rest of the film. Most of all, this movie seemed to focus way too intently on the love story between Silk Spectre and Night Owl. This whole relationship was not enjoyable to me in the book (I really dislike too much love and romance in a book or a movie) and the fact that the movie was keying into it so much was bad to me.

The chapters in the book that were most enjoyable to me were the ones focusing on the world, the humans, the vileness of human nature and how destructive people were becoming, the pending war, the struggle of the superheroes to come to grips to how broken the world really was. The movie LACKED in this area. I did not feel they put enough emphasis on the deepness of the true story.

That's all I'm going to write about it.

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