Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy birthday to me

Well, my birthday was yesterday (March 18). Not an extremely exciting one. Last weekend I celebrated a bit with Ian at Olive Garden (yum) and this weekend I will be having a shopping excursion with my mom and sister. On my actual birthday, though, I worked. Blahhhh. After work, I had some ice cream cake (yum again). Then, an unfortunate event happened. My kitten ran away from me outside. She is an indoor cat and hasn't been outside really since we adopted her. Luckily she went no further than under an old truck that has not moved from its parking spot since we began living here a few months short of a year ago. She climbed underneath into a little cubby surrounded by pipes and covered in grease. It was disgusting and we spent nearly an hour and a half trying to convince her to come out (and hoping that the owner of the vehicle wouldn't come out and yell at us for being under his/her truck). The poor kitten was scared out of her mind. Eventually we got her to move and pulled her out. We brought her back into the apartment and gave her a bath. We have never given our cats baths before, and we can't seem to get all of the shampoo out of her fur. We rinsed and rinsed and it still remains a bit oily after she dries out. Anyway, she is safe and happy once again, as am I. 

I'm hoping that tomorrow (day) goes quickly and my fun weekend goes slowly!

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