Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Random Title Generator Time!

Long time, no blog! Not much has happened lately. I can't even remember what I last wrote about...oh yes, I remember now: my Magick. I love my kitty-cats so very much. 

Anyway...the last month or so has been just sort of going by. A couple of weekends ago, Ian and I went home to my parents' house for a day. That was very fun. I wish I could do that more often! Other than that, no excitement really. It's been too cold to do anything. I want spring to get here! 

Today I had my first review at work. It went well! They had nothing but good things to say about me and I got a raise and a bonus! It felt nice to be appreciated. I think that I deserved every bit of it because I really and truly have been working very hard!

Ian also got some news today: he is now employed at a not-so-crappy job! Well, he will be after he passes a mental and physical test...which I think he will.

Well, I have chicken cooking and laundry to I'd better attend to that now. Ciao. :)

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