Sunday, February 22, 2009

expecto patronum

Last night I pretty much read the whole third Harry Potter installment, Prisoner of Azkaban. It was GREAT. Today we ventured into Madison, so I bought the first four movies for only nine bucks apiece. I've watched the first two already, so when we got home I watched Prisoner... and I must say I was slightly disappointed. I mean, I realize that the book takes hours to read, therefore could never be accurately made into a film with the complete story. But....I just felt that they skipped over so much that if I was viewing it without reading any of the book I would see it as jumping all over the place with no explanations. Maybe, though, I am just used to having more of a look into the thought process of the characters from reading the books and wouldn't feel this way if I was only watching the movies. Come to think of it, I remember feeling this same way after viewing the second Harry Potter movie as well. It does suck that the movies are so much less appealing this way, but I really really enjoy reading the books before watching the movies so I think I will continue doing it this way. I want to get everything read and viewed up until Half Blood Prince so that I'm caught up when the movie comes into theaters this summer. I don't think this will be that difficult since I have such an enormous pile of books in which I am SO EXCITED to read once I'm done with Harry Potter.

The reason we went to Madison today was not to buy a pile of Harry Potter movies. We actually went because I was DYING to see Coraline one last time before the Jonas Bros. movie kicked it out of the 3D theater! (Which I think is crap). It was even better the second time! I really REALLY love all of the parts with the cat (wus puss) because he is JUST LIKE my cat, Magick. The part where he wakes Coraline up by poking her in the face is exactly what I wake up to every morning. :)

Speaking of my kit-cats, I've decided to experiment in drawing some comics about them. They are too funny and cute and I can't help it. I've been neglecting my drawing skill for quite some time now and need to practice quite a bit before anything will come out of this. I am excited to play around with the idea though. Maybe I will become internet famous and make a lot of money out of this. Highly doubt it...but I wouldn't be the first to have success in exactly these circumstances if it did happen!

I drank a half a can of Monster energy drink tonight for the first time ever, therefore I am having a difficult time falling asleep. However; I need to wake up early tomorrow to do some chores so I'd better at least try to go to bed with no distractions now. :)

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