Thursday, February 19, 2009

Gonna be a dental floss tycoon.

Things I am looking forward to:

  • SPRING! Sun, warmth, longer days, being able to go outside without fear of losing a limb to the cold!
  • This weekend because I look forward to every weekend :)
  • Hopefully seeing Coraline in 3D again before it leaves the 3D theater
  • Going home to visit the family sometime soon!
  • My birthday & maybe a fun shopping trip with family
  • Having my family up to visit me and maybe doing something fun once it gets nice outside
  • Al Franken finally getting his seat in the Senate (if it ever happens!)
  • CONAN taking over Late Night this summer!!!
  • Reading all of the Harry Potter books and then seeing the movie this summer
  • Reading all of the books in my "books I own and have yet to read" pile---there are some good ones in there! :)
  • Cuddling with my kit-cats in a few minutes
  • Someday moving to a place with a washer/dryer in the unit! And maybe a garage too.....THAT WOULD BE LOVELY!

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