Monday, November 25, 2013


(via my Tumblr)

I’m going to start doing short blog entries via this Tumblr. I like looking back on them in the future. Nothing spectacular, just what I’m up to. I recently changed my hours at work. Previously, I was working 5 short days. Now, I am working 3 longer days. This is great for me because 1) it’s saving a bunch of gas money not driving to Madison every day and 2) it’s giving me loads more time to do other things. I woke up sick with a cold today and it snowed quite a lot last night, so the roads are not very good. Thankfully today is a non-work day and I was able to stay at home. I spent the day cleaning my apartment thoroughly. I am still working on it - I’m a slow cleaner. I think it’s because I get a little OCD and a little distracted while I’m home alone cleaning. I’m also listening to some music and taking lots of breaks, so that probably adds to the slowness. I’ve been working on some DIY xmas gifts recently. I will post pictures once the gifts have been given. I am mostly sewing things, which is great. I’m going to finish up cleaning, work out, take a shower, and spend the rest of the night relaxing.

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