Friday, November 29, 2013

11.26.13 through 11.29.13

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Today was fantastic. I woke up early and got a project done that I have been procrastinating about. Then, I got ready for a day of fun. My husband and I had a double movie day today. This morning we saw Hunger Games: Catching Fire which was great. Later in the afternoon we saw Dallas Buyers Club which was also good. Both movies cost only $5 a ticket, and we also each got a free popcorn for Hunger Games!! We had a few hours to blow in between movies, so we ate lunch at Rocky Rococos, browsed the new Big Lots in Madison, and walked around the mall, Barnes & Noble, and Target. We stopped at a grocery store quickly too so I could get the ingredients for the bruschetta I am making for Thanksgiving.  Now we are home and relaxing. What a fun day! :)


It’s 5:48am on 9.28.13 (Thanksgiving Day) and I’m not sure why I’m wide awake. Yesterday was rather uneventful.  I worked. I will not be writing much about my job as I work at a psychiatric hospital and obviously am bound from discussing a lot of things about it. Plus, why talk about work in a blog. Ew. It was the only day that I have to work this week. I took PTO on Friday so I could spend extra time with my family in Iowa. Last night I jogged/walked intervals on the treadmill for 20 minutes. My hip is killing me today. This has been happening frequently in relation to jogging, so I may have to look more into it. For now, ice and Tylenol will have to do. I also prepared my contribution for Thanksgiving dinner - bruschetta. And I sewed a Velvet Underground patch on to Ian’s (husband) hoodie. I did most of my packing and watched Dr. Katz before falling asleep. I’m leaving this morning for Iowa and probably not coming back until Sunday. Happy Thanksgiving!


Hi! Yesterday was Thanksgiving Day. I drove to Iowa, had lunch at my paternal grandparents’ house and visited with family. Then, I went to my parents’ house and had dinner with my maternal grandparents and family. It was a good - but busy - day! And I ate way too much, as I usually do on Thanksgiving. Today was Black Friday. I have gone shopping early with my mom and sister the last few years, but this year my mom and I decided to go in later. We were tired. It was pretty nice - we didn’t buy a whole lot, but did get a few nice things. We were done by about 1pm and went back to my parents’ house to bake some cookies and make some xmas goodies with my sister and nephews. I feel like I didn’t help a lot - i was busy playing with my nephews. :) I nearly finished all of my Christmas shopping online - it feels nice to be almost done! I’m going to spend one more day in Iowa and then head home to Wisconsin on Sunday. I am having a blast and love spending time with my family, but I miss my husband and my cats.

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