Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hello, Stranger!

I have rudely neglected this blog. Sorry! I got busy...with life. ;)

Since last posting, I have been happily enjoying "the married life." Actually, it's not very different than pre-married life...I just have a new last name. My husband, Ian, and I just renewed our lease on our current apartment; although, I think we are both getting antsy about renting/buying a house someday *soon*. Apartment-living is and has been getting old since we have both been doing it for at least 7 years. I guess since we just renewed our lease, our decision will be happening next year on "what's next." The main problem is that we don't know where we want to settle down!

We just took our honeymoon this past month - to Toronto!! I have had an unexplained love for Canada since I was....probably around 12 years old. I am so happy that I was finally able to cross the border to the great white north that I could cry! We had a great time exploring the city, seeing the Toronto Zoo, and visiting the Canada-side of Niagara Falls. I posted a link to my shutterfly book with pictures right before this post. :)

I have also gained a new nephew - Blake! That makes 7 nephews and nieces! I am one proud aunty!

I know I was crazy into the weight-loss thing while I was unemployed. Well, since obtaining a desk job almost a year ago, I have backtracked a lot. This past week, I read a book called "Thin Side Out: How to Have Your Cake and Your Skinny Jeans Too" by Josie Spinardi. Well, I'm actually only half way through it, but I have already decided that dieting is really not effective! I'm going to start using hunger-directed-eating and use the simple method of eating only when I'm hungry, and stopping when I am full. Simple, right?! Our bodies and brains are complex things and know when we need and when we do not need food. I have been trying to diet for the past, oh, couple of months with no progress. This book really is hitting home! So far I have already noticed that I am eating in much more reasonable amounts and, even though it's only been a few days, my weight is already going down. Thank glob! I think this is the answer and I am not spending tons of time trying to figure out how many calories, carbs, grams of fat, etc are in every single bite of food that goes in my mouth! I'm also not spending a bunch of money on food that I don't really like that much anyway. I'm just eating what I want in moderate amounts!

Oh, and on the exercise front, I've been doing that pretty regularly! I have been really focusing on jogging. I'm trying to do Couch to 5k again...but it's going way more slowly than what is recommended. This is because of interruptions (albeit good interruptions) such as our honeymoon. The weather has also been a factor - it's been a very rainy June in south-central Wisconsin! If I can't jog, I do some other form of exercise like 30 Day Shred, Tae Bo, or Zumba. I'm on "week 3" even though I have been doing this for over a month. Even so, I am making progress! I'm going farther and my times are improving. I also purchased a Fitbit Zip for my birthday. I really love this little device! And it's hot pink! ;)

I've also been watching a lot of TV shows via Netflix as of late. We recently finished watching the entire West Wing series! What a feat! ;) I love it. I know tv is not the most healthy of hobbies, but it's something I enjoy.

My life hasn't been that interesting since last year! I've pretty much been just doing all of the above + working. Exciting, I know! We are healthy and mostly happy, my cats are healthy and happy; therefore, things are good!

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