Saturday, July 23, 2011

Simply Spray Tie Dye Review

Hello, all! I wanted to review and show you how a tie dying experiment of mine turned out. I really have been loving the look of tie dye as of late. I wanted to sport a tie dye shirt to the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt 2, so I decided to make a shirt with the Deathly Hallows symbol on it.

First, I bought some reasonably priced t-shirts (I don't advocate Walmart AT ALL, but I bought mine there. I'm poor. They were the O.P. brand and only a few dollars. I got a ribbed tank top as well, Miley Cyrus brand. All in white). Then, I cut out the symbol I wanted on some contact paper. The stuff I used was definitely an experiment. I only used it because my mom had some on hand. It is actually the stuff that is used to cover books. It's just a clear thin sheet that is sticky on the back. Anyway, I cut out my shapes and stuck them on the shirts. I set a book on top so that it set, but I don't think that step was necessary. I think you could use any kind of adhesive or tape or sticky-backed vinyl. Then, I took the shirts outside and laid them on the grass. I put a piece of cardboard in the shirt, but it really didn't make much of a difference because it kept sliding out of place. I scrunched up the shirt and sprayed Simply Spray on them in swooshing motions. Then I flattened it out, scrunched it again, and sprayed again with a different color. I used blue and black and a silver sparkle on top. I let them dry for several hours and then I pulled the tape off. This is how they turned out:

On the clothesline drying before I pulled the tape off.

Me wearing the Deathly Hallows tie dye t-shirt

Me wearing the Deathly Hallows tie dye tank top
Me wearing my t-shirt the night of the midnight premiere!

I think they are great! I wear them all the time. I also made a couple more with no symbols. Here is what one looks like:

Tie dye t-shirt
There is also another one, but I will have to post a picture of that later because it is in the laundry right now. :P

I also made one for Ian. I did this one in green and black and put the dark mark on it. He hasn't worn it yet.

Dark Mark tie dye t-shirt

So I am pretty happy with the results! The spray I used is called Simply Spray and can be found here. I bought mine at Michael's.

Simply Spray

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