Monday, July 4, 2011

My Excercise DVD Collection

I probably have a pretty big collection of exercise DVDs compared to most. You might even call me an Exercise DVD Junkie. That's okay because I love having a variety. It makes it so I don't get bored with doing the same thing over and over. I am going to describe to you how each of the DVDs in my collection has worked for me. I have lost 28 pounds in the last year and have done a variety of exercises and kept my eating portions under control to achieve that.

  • Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred: This DVD is no joke. I completed the full 30 days (every day!) and then kept up with it for awhile (a few days a week). I really think this dvd is what kicked my metabolism into gear. Even after I stopped doing this daily, I was losing weight a lot easier. There are 3 levels and you are to do each for 10 days, or until you feel comfortable moving on. The first level is the easiest and the third level is the hardest. Jillian guides you through her 3-2-1 Interval System (3 minutes strength, 2 minutes cardio, and 1 minute abs and you do each 3 times per level). It is a really hard routine and I was REALLY sore every day. I thought the results were good and it is only about a 20 minute workout! The only problem I had with this DVD is it gets repetitive doing the same exercises for 10 days in a row and I don't really like Jillian.
  • Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown: I really like this one. Unfortunately, I didn't stick to it for very long. It is a new take on yoga, combining yoga with repetitive movement to help burn calories. There are two 30 minute levels with a warm up and a cool down. Level 2 is more intense than level 1. I felt really good after doing these workouts. It stretched me out really well. I like that it combines movement because you can really feel your muscles working (and burning!)
  • The Biggest Loser Boot Camp: I have to admit, I did not stick to this one very long. I am not sure why, though, because I think it was a good workout. This is a 6-8 week program that helps you lose weight one level at a time. There are three levels and a warm up and a cool down. You start out just doing level 1, and then you add on 2 and then 3 once you are ready to move on. I really felt the burn with this and I hope to do this one and stick to it for the full 6-8 weeks someday. Once I do, I will come back and update this post.
  • Turbo Jam: I really like turbo jam. It is fun and upbeat. It is basically like kick boxing mixed with dance. You really work every part of your body. Charlene Johnson guides you through the moves and I think she is really motivating and nice. This DVD includes Learn & Burn, 20 minute workout, and turbo sculpt. I did not do Learn & Burn much because it is just a tutorial. The 20 minute workout is an intense cardio workout. Turbo sculpt is more for helping your problem areas. They both are pretty effective!
  • Zumba Fitness: I spent a lot of money buying this box set. I think it was totally worth it. I really enjoy Zumba, and even though I am embarrassed and have to close all my blinds so that no one can see me do this, it is a really great workout. The DVDs in this set include Zumba Fitness Basics, Zumba Fitness 20-Minute Express, Zumba Fitness Cardio Party, and Zumba Fitness Sculpt & Tone. I have only used the Basics a few times as it is just the learning portion. The 20 minute express is good if you don't have a lot of time but want to burn a lot of calories. The two I use most are Cardio Party and Sculpt & Tone. Cardio Party is an intense cardio workout that lasts around 50 minutes, including a cool down. It is great and upbeat and, although I think Pedro is a bit of a creep, I really love it. It keeps you moving and shaking the whole time and burns a ton of calories. Sculpt & Tone is also great. It incorporates more cardio than I thought it would, but really works each part of your body. It is also about 50 minutes long including a cool down. I also have a pair of maracas that are used as weights, which is a fun touch. I really love Zumba and have been using it a lot lately!
  • Billy Blanks Tae Bo (This Is Tae Bo): This is another great DVD. It includes a tutorial (which I have only used once) and an hour long workout. I have also been doing this one a lot lately. You burn a ton of calories and it is pretty fun! Billy Blanks has quite a personality and is very motivating. Be prepared to wake up sore the next day with this one!
  • Yoga For Beginners: I must admit, I have not used this one much. I love yoga but find this DVD to be a bit slow paced and a little *too* easy. It is a good resource to learn basic moves and a good way to stretch out your body, though.
  • Shake Weight: This is something I bought because I thought it was funny, and have never really used. I think I will start using it, though, because the couple of times I tried it, I really felt the burn in my arms. My arms are one of my problem areas. I will update this with my results when I start using it.
  • Circuit Hoop: I have never used this DVD, but have used my weighted hula hoop. This is something else I will have to try more regularly and update later. The only problem I have with weighted hula hoops is that they hurt to use and bruise my stomach and hips. Maybe it is something that gets better with time. I think it would be a great workout if I kept up with it.
  • Pilates Bodyband Kit: This is very old and is a VHS. I don't use it often because I hate using VHS, but it is a really cool workout. It is not very intense, but you can really tell you are working different areas of your body, especially legs, abs, and arms. This is something I only use once in awhile. I would love to replace the kit with something newer and in DVD form, and if I saw it in the store I would probably buy it.
  • Wii Fit (not pictured): I think Wii Fit is really fun! I go in spurts with this one, I will use it regularly for awhile and then not at all for awhile. I like that you can track you weight on it, but I have carpeting and think that it affects the accuracy. The strength and yoga moves are fun but can be pretty intense! I think all other activities are more game-like and are fun but maybe not as effective as the strength and yoga.

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