Sunday, April 5, 2009

Order of the Phoenix

I flew through this book pretty fast! It was wonderfully, magically, superbly outstanding! I was very sad at the end--almost to the point of tears! I watched the movie this evening and thought that they changed A LOT, more-so than what has been changed in the last movies. Not saying the movie wasn't good, though, because I did enjoy it. I am watching all of the movies with Ian, who has not read the book before the movie (he is listening to the audiobooks after we watch the is that enjoyable?!!..), and he even admitted all of the jumping around and skipping over stuff was confusing. I just hope that this director doesn't mess up the next few movies! I am keeping faith though because so far I have not been thoroughly disappointed in any of them. GOSH these books are so good. I feel like a drug addict and Harry Potter is my drug...I just want to read more and more and more. I almost picked up Half Blood Prince tonight at 10:45 and started reading it...but my better judgment consumed me and now I am going to bed because otherwise I will be very tired at work tomorrow. Hopefully this week FLIES BY!

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