Saturday, April 25, 2009

I can guarantee the closest shave you'll ever know.

Recent happenings:

  • Last week I saw State of Play. It was decent. Not bad, not great...just in between. I saw The Soloist last night. It was pretty good. Today I saw Earth. I liked it! It was sad, happy, beautiful, ugly, and scary all rolled into one. I love that there are decent movies in theaters now so that I can fill my weekends with movie outings.
  • Yesterday I purchased a Bluetooth Headset. I got the Samsung WEP350. I have never owned or even tried one of these before. So far, with the limited talking on the phone that I've done since last night, it seems to work pretty well! I like the fact that I won't have to dig through my bag while driving to find my phone when it rings. Also like the fact that I will be alerted in my ear when my phone is ringing instead of missing calls because I can't hear the phone over my loud music.
  • We implemented a new system at work and it's supposed to catch anyone if they fall behind in their daily work (which can happen really easily). So far so good...we haven't had any major issues. Not sure what it will be like once we get really busy, but for now the workload is good and I've been steadily pushing things through everyday!
  • It is thunderstorming/raining today. Pretty crappy. Yesterday was sunny and 80-something degress outside. Sadly it seems the only nice days happen during the week when I'm stuck inside at work! :(
  • I am getting more and more anxious about getting a new phone. The one I have is ok...if you just want to talk on the phone. I badly want an iPhone, but I'm afraid of AT&T's service. I checked out the coverage map and it seems between here and my parent's house is not very good and it also seems there are a lot of holes in the United States (thinking ahead to traveling across the country for vacations). If you have AT&T Wireless could you please tell me what you think of the service? Also looked at the Google Android. Seemed pretty nice on the videos I watched. Not even sure what carrier has that phone. I currently use US Cellular. I'm very happy with the coverage area, but very unhappy with the money I am paying each month compared to what I get in return. I'm an internet addict and obviously having it with me wherever I go is like a dream come true. Also longing for a camera that is more decent than the one I have now. My contract with US Cellular is not up until early next year, so I guess I have awhile to think about it.
  • I have so much coming up in the next couple of months. Very busy! I need to document all that I am doing so I can look at it and marvel.
That's all for now, just needed to make a quick update since I haven't blogged in awhile! (I'm bad, I know). I do Twitter almost daily, so I guess maybe that makes up for it?

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