Thursday, November 20, 2008


This has been one WEIRD week!! Tuesday morning I got to work, and the computer system was down. It's now Thursday morning and it is STILL down. I haven't been physically at work for the last couple of days. I have been trying to do as much work as I can (which is VERY limited because I don't have any logos and am missing some fonts on my home computer) and otherwise sitting by my phone waiting for them to call me. Well, they still haven't called with the *good* news, and I'm getting worried. I've already been asked to work early and late today and tomorrow and also on Saturday because of this whole fiasco, but that really isn't very fair since I have been doing nothing enjoyable for fear of being called into work immediately once I start something. I did, however, run into Madison for a couple of hours yesterday to eat lunch and spend some time with Ian's mom, sister, and nephew. That was fun. I am not really complaining because I understand work hasn't been done these last couple of days and we need to get back up to pace with everything, but then again I really don't want to work late tonight and tomorrow. Saturday I am really only going to be able to work a couple of hours in the morning. I still need to go grocery shopping this week and I will need sometime this weekend to get my chores done. This was the weekend I was planning on getting a majority of my Christmas shopping done. Will I even have time for that? Ughhhh what a mess. I don't even want to THINK about the big "what if" concerning whether or not any of our files will still be accessible once the system is fixed. All of this the week before Thanksgiving and during the busiest time of the year. WHAT A WEEK. I am freaking out because I was on pace to be ahead basically now through Christmas (more or less depending on what was to be dumped on me between now and then) and now I am afraid of how behind I might be. 

I can't think about that right now though because it is stressing me out. I keep thinking that I should get my grocery shopping done or get some cleaning done, but I don't want to get everything out just to be called into work. I also can't really cook anything or do anything that involves getting a bunch of stuff out. Yesterday I tried crocheting for a bit, but I am not sure I can concentrate on that right now. I might try drawing? I have been trying to rekindle that talent and remember how to draw. I haven't really drawn anything in at least a couple of years and that makes me sad.

I guess I should get back to....waiting. I really hate this. :(

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