Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday Morning.

I don't have to work today! Hooray! Thursday I went in at 2pm and worked until 7pm. Friday I went in at 7am and worked until a little after 5pm. I brought about three orders home with me to work on this weekend, otherwise I'm caught up. Pretty crazy, right? I'm glad because working today would have been extremely crappy. I may end up bringing some things home with me next week just to be sure that I am ahead of schedule when we come back from Thanksgiving because that first week back I have Thursday off (yay vacation time).

Today I have several things I want to get done: get my hair cut, dye my hair, go Christmas shopping, and start cleaning. Tomorrow I want to finish cleaning and relax. At some point I also need to do laundry and get some groceries.

I have some pictures from the Packers game I went to last Sunday, and I will post them soon but for now I'm too lazy. I do, however, have a link that I will make available: CLICK HERE!

That is all.

OH, by the way, I have been having these crazy dreams about aliens lately!! It usually happens when I fall asleep with instrumental David Bowie playing in the background. Weird? Yes.

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