Monday, October 27, 2008

Mini Vacation :)

I had a great weekend. We left Saturday morning and headed straight to the Milwaukee Museum. We wandered for most of the day, and hit the planetarium before we left for a showing of "Spooky Skies". We didn't know what it was going to be, and it ended up being a show meant for little kids. Very hilarious. I kind of wish we would have gone to Titanic at the imax instead, but oh well. Then we headed to Waukesha to check into our hotel room. The outside of the hotel was shall I say this...refurbished? Sure. The hotel was really crappy because of that, but our room was nice. I treated us to a jacuzzi suite, so needless to say I spent the night soaking. It was great. We ate at some local bar and grill type place. It was good. I think we fell asleep before 9pm. 

Sunday we woke up, ate some breakfast, and got out of there. We hit a few stores before we left town and I bought a couple of things. We drove to Elgin and checked into our hotel there at about 3pm. It was VERY nice! It was a brand new hotel surrounded by restaurants. We ate at this place called "Sammie's" and it basically sold ballpark food and so much more. But it was really good. We took our time getting ready and Ian's friend, Adam, and his girlfriend picked us up at around 6:45 and we headed towards Chicago. Unfortunately, there was a lot of traffic and we made it to the show JUST as David Byrne and co. were getting on stage. Good thing it was at an opera house and we had assigned seating! What a show!! From what I could tell, there were not many young people there. Most of the audience was middle aged. However, most of the songs caused a majority of the audience to jump to their feet and dance. People were literally running up and down the aisles fist pumping and jumping around. It was crazy. It even seemed like a requirement that if you were to get up to go out to the lobby, you had to fist pump your way to the back of the place? I laughed a lot. David Byrne has still got it. He has a ton of energy and his voice is undeniably still very strong. I had a good time and I think we got four encores? One of which was "Burning Down the House" in which the house lights were on so I could see all of the middle-aged to old people dancing in all of their glory. After they burned down the house, we even still got a couple of more songs, which clearly seems impossible, but apparently it was not. We got back to the hotel before midnight and were pooped. Went to bed shortly after and woke up, ate breakfast, and left. 

We drove all the way back to Madison, and I stopped at the Halloween store to pick up some costume supplies. I wanted to get something that I could wear to work, but didn't find anything I liked enough. However, I did get a Charlie Chaplin mustache and hat for fun and also picked up a Harry Potter scarf and glasses so that I have something to wear to the theater when the movie comes out next year. (Yes, I am dressing up). Finally, we were home. We think Spirit may have gone on a hunger strike while we were gone. She barely touched her food and water and her litter box was relatively clean. It kind of worried us, but she seemed so happy after we played with her for awhile. Eventually she inhaled some food and water and has been napping all afternoon. She even laid on me while I laid on the couch and napped, which never happens. Guess she really missed me. She didn't even put up much of a fuss when I put her Halloween costume on her. Hehehe.

Well, I am going to fill the dishwasher, shower and go to bed. I'm pretty tired. I am so glad that I took vacation today and tomorrow. In the morning I am going to the DMV to finally get my Wisconsin license. I figure I'd better do that before I try to vote next week. Otherwise, I just want to be lazy. Today was also a very lazy day. I love it. And I think I can handle the three-day work week when Wednesday comes around. I think before I do anything, I'm going to go spoil my cat some more. :) Here are some pictures from the weekend:

Spirit and me before we left on Saturday.

Ian and Spirit



An elephant.

Some lions and baby lions.

A REAL mummy.

Its sarcophagus.

A cat sarcophagus (I think).

The prayers written on the outside of the mummy's sarcophagus.

Is that Spirit in a tree?

Shrunken heads.

I want to own this.

Les Paul Parkway

Ian and I before we left for the David Byrne concert.

Tried to get a decent picture of the Chicago skyline at night, but failed.

First snow! (Yay and boo at the same time)

"Get this thing off of me!" Haha

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