Thursday, October 9, 2008

I Can't Sleep...So I Stay Up All Night And Watch Old Episodes Of Real Time With Bill Maher!

Chris Rock: "Sometimes I think Obama actually thinks that having the most votes is going to mean something, you know? They'll change it all. They'll look him dead in the face and go, "Hey, man, you got the most votes. Too bad you lost! We used to count we count bacon!"

Bill Maher: "In all fairness, there's no one whiter than Al Gore and they said that to him."


Bill Maher: "I've been listening to financial experts lately, and, no offense as a financial expert, but it seems like they don't know what's going on."

Paul Krugman (Columnist, NY Times): "Right, well look, anybody who knew what was going on would have been in a bomb shelter by now. This is panicking now. I was looking at the numbers on Wednesday, and I thought, well, the world was coming to an end. Apparently the people at the treasury department thought the same thing. This was the worst thing I've ever seen.


Bill Maher: It does seem that the country that is so afraid of socialism now is getting a lot of socialism, but we're getting only the bad parts of socialism. Like, Sweden has socialism, but they also have universal health care and everybody goes to college and they'll do your laundry for you like they do on the Michael Moore movie. It seems like we are getting only the shitty parts of socialism.

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