Saturday, July 5, 2008

Independence Day!!

I've had a GREAT weekend so far!! Thursday night I went super-shopping after work. I got a lot of good things: shirts, shorts, shoes. Yeah! Friday morning we woke up and drove to Johnson Creek for some shopping at the outlet mall before the game. Well, the only store we made it to was the Adidas store. I bought some cheap shoes, and then remembered that I can't wear them to work because they are a Nike company. Oops. Oh well! So, we both bought a pair of shoes and left for the game. Great game!! I met Frankie Furter of the famous Sausages that race!! We also walked by the others, but Frankie was the first one I could get to for a picture before the lines grew!! It was so exciting. Then, we went to the game and shopped for a bit. I realllllly want a Brewers hoodie, but they are so expensive!! I settled for some Brewers "decals" which turned out to be stupid stickers. Oh well, I'm still putting them on my car and hoping that they don't fall off in the weather. Then, as soon as we walked out, BERNIE BREWER WAS THERE!! I got a picture with him as well! I can't believe I met them both that day...I have been waiting for this since I started going to Brewers games. The game was great too. We sat in the terrace level, which is the highest level at the game, right above home plate. It's really a neat view. The game went REALLY well. I got to see Ben Sheets pitch for the first time. Billy Hall and J.J. Hardy DOMINATED. We won 9-1. The first winning game I've been to this year!!!
After the game, we drove back to Johnson Creek. We stopped in every store, but I didn't find anything. I guess there were a couple of ok things, but I didn't want to stay and try them on so just decided I didn't need them. It was nice walking around and seeing all of the stores, though. After that, we came home for a bit to sit and check on some things on the internet. Then, we headed to De Forest for some fireworks. We thought about going to Madison, but opted against it because we didn't want to deal with traffic. De Forest is the next town over and it is fairly small in size. I think Waunakee and De Forest kind of go in on fireworks together because apparently Waunakee has no show. It was definately your average, small-town fireworks...which was nice because all I really wanted to do was lay on a blanket and watch. Next year I think we may try to go to Rhythm and Booms....and possibly the second show Madison puts on the 4th. This year we just didn't want to deal with showing up late after the game. Who knows...maybe we will have friends in the area by this time next year and we will make plans with them. We shall see, I guess.

After the fireworks, we came home and were exhausted. We went to bed at about 11 and I woke up late (around 8:30) and Ian is still sleeping and it is after 9. Today, I think we are going to relax around the house. Ian has to work tonight. I'd like to do something else this weekend before it's over, but haven't thought of anything yet. I sort of wanted to drive back to Iowa today to go to my cousin's grad party, but am driving there next weekend for a bridal shower so decided against it. It sucks living so far away. Oh well though, I guess. That was my decision!!

I guess I'm done with this blog! More later!

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EastVillageDSM said...

I was at the game on the 5th against the Pirates as well, which was awesome! By the way, love the Pee-Wee reference!