Saturday, February 28, 2015


Hello. I know, I've been missing (from this blog) for over a year. I'd like to get back into doing a monthly update of my life, favorite things, movie reviews, etc.

The reason I stopped blogging at this time last year is because I had a family medical emergency, and it really messed with my head. I was in a dark place for awhile, but have been able to accept what is and have become (somewhat) hopeful for the future again. I don't want to broadcast my family's personal business here, but if you know me and want to know what happened, just contact me.

Anyway, this past year has been hard. Things have been getting better and looking better. One major thing that happened since I last blogged is that I moved to the city of Madison. I had been living in suburbs previously (even though I actually work in Madison) and we finally decided to make the big move. It is so expensive to live here! Fortunately, that is about the only drawback. I love living so close to everything. There is always something to do. There is so much shopping and dining within walking distance. Unfortunately, winter lasts like 6 months here so that sucks right now, but I am so stoked for spring/summer to get here.

I will do a separate post highlighting cool things I've done/seen this past year. I just wanted to make this quick & separate entry explaining the hiatus. Hoping to post that this weekend.

Talk to you soon.

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