Monday, June 20, 2011

Getting Back on Track (6.20.11)

Hello! I have had a busy couple of weeks---June 12 I helped host a bridal shower for my good friend (the bride) as I am one of her bridesmaids. It was nice seeing all of my high school friends again. I really have missed them. That week, I spent a lot of time catching up with old friends and family. Thursday the 16th I went shopping with my mother and her friend. We visited a lot of different quilt shops around eastern Iowa. It was a great day! I bought a lot of stuff (bad), but I'm planning on making some purses to sell soon (good!). Friday I drove back to my apartment and caught up on cleaning and laundry. Saturday I went to my someday-future-sis-in-law's birthday party. We had a great time. We played some yard games, ate out at a mexican restaurant, and had a bonfire. Oh, and we drank....a lot. Here is the link for the Malibu Slush that we had. It tasted SO great! Sunday, Ian and I drove back to my parents' house for Father's Day. We spent the afternoon with my parents, my sister and her husband and baby boy. Later in the day we visited my grandparents and then drove back to our apartment.

Today is Monday the 20th. I caught up on some homework this morning. This afternoon I am hoping to get some sewing done and I may venture to the grocery store later on.

What I really wanted to blog about is that I am trying to get back on track with my diet. I went a little out of control these last couple of weeks and I really need to be better about the food I am eating. This morning I did my Tae Bo video. I just had lunch, which is the only thing I have eaten today, and it consisted of fat free french dressing, home-grown mixed green salad, strawberries, and one little slice of cheddar cheese, shredded. myfitnesspal website (add me) says that the amount I ate equals about 150 calories so I think I will be good if I eat a reasonable supper.

I will try to update regularly about how my exercise and diet is going.

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