Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Organizing/Redecorating Living Room

I've caught the bug----the cleaning bug!! I was laid off from my job and have spent the last few weeks feverishly cleaning and organizing my apartment.  Yesterday we tackled the living room. Almost all of my furniture is mismatched, so I have a hard time arranging it so it looks good. Yesterday we moved the bookshelves to be on either side of the television, so as to create a makeshift entertainment center. Not 100% sure I love the layout, but I am leaving it for now to let it sink in for a couple of days.

It's times like these when I wish I knew someone who lived closer. I would love a female's opinion on how to go about decorating. I took a lot of things off of my walls and am going to put it back up once I am happy with the arrangement of the furniture.

I am working on an Alice In Wonderland quilt and will (hopefully) be purchasing a quilt hanger for my wall. I would like to decorate around that and use those colors. It is vintage looking and uses all of the colors that I love. I will post a picture of the pieces I have later. I have not started sewing yet---just have it cut out.

I will post more later about my organizing, rearranging, and sewing adventures.

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