Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Organizing/Redecorating Bedroom

The other day I made this big curtain out of a flat bed sheet. It covers up the weird little room where we have all of our dressers and my vanity. It works well because that room is super cluttered and I like having all of that stuff in one place. I got a tan queen sheet and a tension rod from Target and spent about $20. I cut the sheet in half, hemmed the rough edges, and sewed across the top to make the "pocket" for the tension rod to slip through. It was really simple!

I want to redecorate my bedroom. The image below is my inspiration. There are a lot of colors in this piece. I already have a green comforter and lots of wood tones, tans and browns. I thought I could throw a couple of pink/peach, cream and (maybe) teal touches. I want to make a few cover-ups for my tv stand and other pieces of furniture and make a new blanket to go across the bottom of the bed (not sure of the technical term for it). I also might make a few decorative pillows for the bed.

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